F13 and Oxidated vinyl question


@squidskc thanks for helping get to where I needed for advice on it all. I lost a Lil money on this job but lesson learned. But I know what to do if it ever happens again, and I know if I do they will have to pay extra bc this crap ain’t cheap.


I was a Lil worried at first, never using f13 and when I seen the stuff dripping off I didn’t know what to think. But the 50/50 was strong enough, I don’t see needing to DS it straight.


Great result, and thanks for reporting back with your results, SPC.


@tireshark no problem


Is it possible to use sh 12.5 type house wash and pressure wash it off to remove the oxidation? I imaging it would be time consuming and use quite a bit more water but less chemicals. Maybe using a 40 degree tip.


@JimmyTrees I tried rewashing the house I did. I use 10% sh and it made it worse…so I took the advice and bought the f13. I DS a 50/50 mix and I rinsed with 40 degree tip but I stayed back off siding about 15" so I wouldn’t make any marks.


Top pic before, The bottom pic is after but it is just a bad pic the customer sent me but she said it looked like new


House came out great judging by the after picture. I’m new to this too and the oxidation issue intimidated me a little, what chem mix did you use the first time you did the house? Did you test the siding first to see if it was oxidized? I’m learning this as I go but want to know if I’m worrying too much about this oxidation bs. Did you downstream your mix, and what tips did you use the first time?


@germanshepherd3 I tested 3 sides didn’t test that side due to being to high to reach. That was first mistake, sec mistake was using to much psi. I DS straight 10% sh let it set 10-15 mins. Then rinse with 40 degree tip. But iv learned it’s not all about using the highest psi ur machine can do. My partner thinks otherwise which is y this happen in the first place. So listen to all the Pros on here they will give u great advice. Must will say walk away from oxidized vinyl siding but in my area it’s everywhere so it’s hard to walk away if I wanna make money. After this house I made up a waiver explaining their home is oxidized and what could happen after being washed and if they have me do it they are to sign date and it states that I will not be held liable for any sploching after home is washed. But Iv only been doing this not a yr yet so I’m still learning myself. But I can only give advice iv learned by mistakes and advice iv got on here from all the great guys and gals here.


Best thing I can tell u is just DS ur SH and don’t use to much psi. From what I understand if u don’t try to wash the oxidation off and just wash the mold and mildew off you’ve done ur job. We are not miracle workers. I believe that using the soap tip should be enough to even rinse mold and mildew off if ur house wash mix works good. But there again ppl on here will give great advice.


But if I decide to use pressure to remove the oxidation wouldn’t the siding look nearer new?


Yes. Red tip is best for pressure removal of oxidation


No don’t do that. Do not use red tip


Using high psi will leave lines where it comes off in some spots and not in others. Low psi is gonna be best


Ur not there to remove oxidation ur there to wash the house of mold mildew and dirt. Removing oxidation is a whole other game.


Great advice Innocentbystander. I’ll be sure to get right on that.


@SPC and @Dudette I had a realtor ask if I can remove oxidation on siding, I opened my big mouth and told her it can be done, but it’s expensive. Lol… She’s willing to pay up front and sign a waiver.

Either way, I have two full houses to do and was reading back over the post. I understand the 50:50 DS mix, but what gpm machines are you using? What’s your injector ratio?


@squidskc Lol u gonna have fun…im running a 4gpm my injector is 2:1


2:1 ??? I’m assuming that means 12:1


I’ve got a couple weeks to play with it. Just ordered 5 gallons of F13 this morning