F13 and Oxidated vinyl question

Ok we did a hw a couple weeks ago and the 2 story back side had tan oxidated vinyl…the gutters above were very stained so took a lot of F13 and scrubbing to get it clean…thought we kept the vinyl wet but it was a sunny windy day. Homeowner called a week later and noticed the vinyl looking splotchy in this area…yeah the 13 had dripped down and removed areas of oxidation. My question is and I think I have read here about it, is can you ds straight 13 to even this area up or is scrubbing needed. I figure since the solution dripping down was enough to remove it so ds should take care of it. I know to keep the windows wet. Just wondered if anyone could confirm this would work. Thanks

I’ve never attempted it but there are ones that do it. Some put it in there house wash mix when then gutters are bad.

So has anyone had any experience with oxidation on vinyl siding and f13?

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Yes, I have. My home had some areas where the oxidation was removed leaving an uneven finish. I heard that I could DS some F13 onto the vinyl and it may or may not need scrubbing. In my experiment, there was no scrubbing. I divided the side of my house up and on part I DS straight F13, on another area a 50/50 mix with water, then 3 parts water 2 parts F13. I applied to the house and let the straight F13 dwell about 10 minutes. The others, I let them stay on 15 min, maybe 20. In the end, all those dilutions gave decent results but the one I’ll use is the 50/50 with water and let dwell 15 min. I think the side of my house looks 100% better. Oddly, I don’t seem to have an after pic. I’ll get one and upload in a bit.

Update: I added the after pics


Looks like it turned out great.

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Looks great Dudette! I have a similar issue on a home I’m working on. I purchased a gallon of F13 and am excited to knock out the oxidation. I had a could questions about your tests… Was the 50/50 with water applied directly or DS? If it was DS, it would have been diluted further to say 10:1 by the injector, correct? Here is a picture of the South side of the home that experiences the most sunlight.
Thanks in advance!

Good question Erickm
I pass on so much oxidation work. Does anyone have experience DS this stuff or is it more in the ball park of roof chem applications?.. also how long it last before chalking up again

I just received my order of f13 to try and fix a job where I had one side spot up. I see where must ppl say DS straight f13. I’m new to this can I please get some directions so I make sure I don’t mess this up any more then it already is. I plan on doing this Sat morning while it’s not to hot. All the paperwork that came with it says do not let it get on siding so I’m just a Lil worried even though everyone says u can.

Here’s what I’m working on

@Dudette When u said u mixed 50/50 did u apply with a pump sprayer? What tip did u use when rinsing ?

I down stream it. 50/50 water and F13. I have a Jrod that has 4 different tips on a base (zero degree, 5 degree, 25 degree and 40 degree). I use which ever fan tip will get me to the peak, then if I want, I’ll switch to a wider fan. Let sit for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse, rinse, rinse. Make sure you water the plants really well before hand - soak the ground. Then rinse/water the plants when you are done. Soak, soak soak those plants. F13 will kill them if you aren’t careful. Some folks will have someone constantly watering plants before, during and after.


You just need to be careful. Don’t let it dry but give it enough time to work. We go about 10-15 minutes dwell time. Some folks downstream strait from the bucket, this mixes it with water. We’ve had good luck doing 50/50 in a bucket and downstream. Start with 50/50 and see if that works. I’d rather redo than put too much. Water any plants that might get over sprayed. Water them real good. Water them some more when you are done. Just be careful and you should be fine.


Where have you been the last years :smile:

Thank you. I will must definitely do 50/50 to start. Now when u rinse are u using high psi or low as possible?

We downstream it, 50/50. w/dwell time 10-15m. So far that has worked for us. I can’t really say how long before the oxidation comes back, would assume a year or so. I honestly talk folks out of getting the whole house done, it’s a lot of money for something that’s just going to come back. Once folks realise it’s going to come back, they are happy to just get a standard wash. Had one house, we did normal softwash on three side and the f13 on one side. This side was messed up by a previous company. Took a $180 wash up to a $300 wash. Gotta be careful at the edges so you don’t get overspray on the walls you don’t want to treat with f13.

We downstream it, 50/50. After doing tests on our house, the 50/50 downstream worked best. Yes, correct, downstreaming adds more water to the mix.

I’ve known people to downstream directly from the jug of f13. My take is if DSing at 50/50 works, then straight is just over kill. The more f13 you use, the more you need to worry about plants. Even with our mix, we water, water, water, then water some more. Just to make sure it doesn’t get sucked up the roots of the plants. and rinse the top of the plants.


I forgot I made a post here, :wink:

@Dudette thank you for the info new to using f13 and I just needed to make sure I understood how to use it on vinyl due to the paperwork saying do not let it drip on vinyl siding. I’ll post after pic after I clean it sat. I hope it turns out like urs did.

ok, so this morning I went to the customers house and rewashed the one side with the f13. I set there until it looked dry and it looked really good. I told the home owner to plz send me a pic when the sun hit and that way I may be able to tell a lil better. I did the 50/50 ds but I only did 1/2 gal f13 to 1/2 gal water and had half of that left over. I let it set for 10 mins I could watch the im guessing oxidation roll off. I will post pic after I get one. if she doesn’t send me one ill go by and check on it and get one myself.


Not a good pic but customer said it looks great and is very happy with finally


Super happy it worked out for you! Bookmarked so I can refer back. I kinda wanna try it.