F13 and Oxidated vinyl question


That’s 20% injector


2.1 is the size of the orifice (in mm? Idk). It relates to the gpm rating, not the draw ratio


@squidskc Let me know what you end up doing…My house is aluminum and is heavily oxidized. My wife is giving me crap about gettting it done but I just dont have time to brush the whole house and was wondering if this would work good.


@SPC the 2.1 is the orifice size of the injector…You would have to test it with your machine to get the actual draw ratio.


Hi Brodie,

We have an 8 gal a minute machine, not sure of the ratio. Dwell about 10 minutes, repeat if necessary but don’t let it sit too long. Don’t let the mix dry. I’d do one side at a time just to make sure the mix doesn’t dry out.

Warn her that it’s going to come back, nature of siding and the sun.


Sandi K Bloom
Gastonia House Washing Dudes


Thanks Sandi! I’m super grateful for your response!


How did the f13 affect the brick it must have dropped down on it did u rinse pre and post application


@Forest didn’t affect the brick any. I soaked everything down before and as it was dripping off vinyl. I just kept everything wetted down really well.


@squidskc how did your f13 oxidation removal turn out?


I washed the first one and it turned out great. I think she thought the oxidation was a bigger problem than it actually was. So when I showed her the first house clean without the oxidation removal I told her it looks fine and I don’t think it needs anything else. So she saved money. The 5 gallons of gutter grenade is sitting on open in the shop. Honestly, I didn’t want to have to do it.


@squidskc what ds ratio did you use? I’ve read this thread 3 times trying to figure out the final ratio people are applying. I have been asked to fix a house that someone attempted to pressure wash and stripped badly but I think I will have to apply it with a pump sprayer.


[quote=“TraeR, post:5, topic:3512”]
. In the end, all those dilutions gave decent results but the one I’ll use is the 50/50 with water and let dwell 15 min. I think the side of my house looks 100% @Shawneedawg


Is there any materials the F13 will damage? Have a vinyl home that completely covered in oxidation. Hoping to XJet then rinse. Any thing to look out for besides plants?


If you didn’t cause unattractiveness of oxidized siding from previously washing the house then I’d stay clear of that job.

Even if you did “cause it” talk your way out it.

Until you have more experience with oxidized siding I wouldn’t take this on.

Hate to see you put hours of work in…make it look worse and not get paid and even worse be on the hook for liability


Has anyone used this 50/50 method to fix oxidation streaks using xjet?


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