Estimate for First Home and Driveway combo

For any of you who are in the south or in Florida, how much would you quote this job? They want the exterior of home cleaned. There is no back patio or lanai. They also want the driveway and sidewalk done but quoted separately. Thank you guys for your help.

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Single level. Easy access. Stucco is more difficult to clean than vinyl or painted wood.

I’d be at $449 for the house and $129 for the driveway. But you’re also in an over saturated market where they’ll likely be able to find someone to do it all for $400 or maybe less. That’s just a guess.

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I’d be at 1100. In south FL that’s probably a $600 job from what I hear.

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1100 to 678 from two of the most knowledgeable guys on the forum, that’s a hell of discrepancy.


I’d do two of those in a day. @racer goes to yoga at 1:00. :slight_smile:


450 house 300 driveway

650 combo… sell it

I’ve done enough stucco/EIFS to feel comfortable going in strong at 3% and rinse basically right away at 1500 psi with a pressure tip. Cleans up super fast. Be in an out in 3 hours or less.

Can’t do that if I have to get on a ladder. Add another story and I wouldn’t do it for less that $1600.

@Racer always yells at me for using super strong mixes. What mix would you clean this with Rick?

So you would downstream it?

Are you looking at the same pics I am on the driveway? That’s prob 3500-4000 sq ft of drive, at least. No wonder you don’t like flatwork, LOL. I’m at 600 on that drive all day long.

Here’s a 175 from the other day.


I’d probably be $350 on that house - fairly strong HW mix downstreamed.

If it didn’t have heavy algae streaks I’d just down stream it like any other house. But if it’s streaked I’d X-jet it at 3%.

This took 10, maybe 15 minutes to do the entire wall by hitting it strong and rinsing with a 1500 pressure tip. I usually stop at a section to take before and afters. But whole wall took no time at all. NEVER ever do that with vinyl or painted wood. Low pressure all day.

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That’d get 3% pretreat too. It’s flat with no real water traps as I can see. 3% pretreat, 50/50 post treat if necessary… I’d be at speed walker pace. Lol

It’s funny. You’re the one that taught me to pretreat. And now it cuts flatwork in half. Maybe I should slow down and charge more. Haha

$.15/sq ft on drives over 1000 ft. Including the post treatment.


Real Florida pricing: 300 house 300 driveway but there is the 129.00 guy that would do the house & driveway for 248.00


I forgot to mention it’s for a property management company. So that might also affect the pricing since it’s not for a homeowner.

These questions are always hard to answer. So I have some questions.

What kind of equipment do you have?
Are you using 12% SH?
How many sqft is the house.
You live in FL?

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Good questions. I have a belt drive 4.0 GPM 4000 psi pressure washer.
I have 10.5% SH but can get 12%.
House is about 2200-2400sq ft.
Yes I live in central Florida.

Use 12%. You can run a 1.8 size injector (1-3gpm). Idle your machine down to 1/4-1/3 throttle and apply your SH and soap. Run straight SH with soap. Let it dwell for 5-10 mins then idle up and rinse.

As far as pricing I would be at 485 for the house and 175 for the driveway.

Would do them both for $625. But I heard Florida’s market is rough. It’s all about how you market yourself and the customer service you can provide.

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