EnviroSpec suds sucker injectors


I stumbled across these injectors while looking at some soaps for cleaning brick on EnviroSpecs websites. Has anyone ever tired using them before? They advertise some pretty high draw rates.


All it is is a general pump style injector with different markings on it. when I used them I swore they pulled more than anything else. Human nature to convince yourself you have something better because you over paid for it by 3 times. I finally did a test draw, put calipers to it and mailed one to a vendor I trusted to do his own tests. I had paid $600 for $200 with of injectors. I would be speculative if they said the sun was rising tomorrow.


I searched and searched and was never able to find an exact match to their SSS (M/F in SS) online elsewhere so I figured the had to be different and they would maybe pull more. Well it didn’t lol oh well, it’s not like I bought $600 worth of them!


I thought it sounded to good to be true. I almost pulled the trigger and bought one last night, glad I didn’t now.


Looks like there selling a 12v to force feed the injector right on the same page. Kinda misleading if that’s how they expect you to get those rates but it still will not be 50% even with force feeding. Correct me if I’m wrong


The 50 percent draw they claim is with the special build induction pump they offer and even then i doubt its 50. These companies are allowed to fudge the numbers up to a certain percent and there really isnt any difference between them and the GP style. Squid did a video on some new gp injectors that he swears buy and i purchased that i like as well. Check them out


Do you remember where you got it from?


I got mine from kleen rite but but i believe he bought his from dultmeir


You can also buy some metering tips for them similar to the xjet meetering tips


The one I bought came with the tips(I think). I never found a use for them. I always downstream straight SH


I talked to squid and his didnt come with the tips and mine didn’t either so thats awesome yours did! He said his injector works better with a tip in and i use the gray tip so i can downstream straight SH.


Is there a chart to reference to know which injector orifice to get for your set up? In regrads to the Dultmeir injectors.


Im sure there is somewhere. The one above (.086) is comparable to the 3-5 gpm. since i run a 5.5 @ 3500 with 200’ of hose thats the one that works best for me.


Are you using the .086 with straight sh?


Yes i am but i also purchased some metering tips that screw into those injector tips and lets you draw straight SH without going over what your use to. the tips are like the xjet metering tips. search for squids video he did on them. i think the video is called “best injectors on the planet” or something similar.


I have the same one. I find it’s way too hot without a tip and it drains the mix super super fast.

I’ve been trying the 4 tips with the largest holes today.

Black is useless, I’ll try the gray one tomorrow :slight_smile: purple and yellow are the other options.


How did you make out with the different tips?


Hi @BillC

Only the grey one is good for house washing. The rest are too weak.

The grey one somehow snapped inside the thread after two days. It’s still in there and works, but something to be mindful of.

Without any tip, it literally sucks the chem tank dry as you watch it. Good for walls/brick - too strong for most houses.

This is with a 4GPM set up.


I’m going to be running 8gpm w 225-250 ft hose. Trying to figure out which size I should try. Hard navigating in the dultmeir site. Any suggestions?


Different machine, different results. Same with the hose length and other variables.

Use it with none and work backwards. There are only 4 to try that have larger holes, the others are like pin holes.