Elemonator and Oxalic Acid?


Totally worthless.

I think metabo and hilti make the finest power tools you can buy. (Not the downgraded Lowe’s stuff I imagine they’re selling)

But they’re Lexus priced and I’m on a Toyota budget. Lol


It’s worth the $40 to try it out.


Hilti is garbage… I thought I bought the Beamer but ended up being a Geo Metro. Burned through so many drills and saws with moderate use on them.




The HF grinders grind ear drums. They are the loudest grinders on the market I think. And that is before you even touch the material


@squidskc do like me and just rub your hands over the metal. Calluses will smooth it down lol. I have multiple grinders also


That’s crazy. I know a lot of their stuff is super torque-y and not really high speed. Hilti loves low and slow from the couple drills I’ve used. I just know they have the best warranty in the business and the select few Hilti people are cult indoctrinated and will fist fight over Hilti’s honor like Festool people. I use to work part time at a Woodcraft when I was in college and Festool had a cult too. I’ve got a makita track saw that will beat the pants of the festool saw of 3 times the price.


I have lady hands. I wear nitrile gloves for 8 hours a day so I don’t have to scrub under my nails.

(That’s a joke. Kinda. An old tooth brush with the bristles cut short is the best nail scrubber in history so I just look like I have lady hands.)


That’s before a shower. Don’t have the energy to clean up right now


Get some rest big guy. I’m still amazed you travel with the crews.


Heck. I’m here by myself. No one else to bring with me. Stretched thin this time of year.


@squidskc Do you recall How many oz oxalic per gallon of water you mix?


1/2 a cup-ish. Measuring chemicals is something I should start doing. I probably haven’t added the exact same amount of Elemonator to my chem tank in two years.


Thanks @squidskc I use f8 but def gonna have to get more, do you just use raw oxalic? And I’m asuming it might be cheaper buying that way . Should I expect the same result let me know if you have experience with both


I think the F8, F18 and such have surfactants added in already. I’d check with Bob.


I typically mix I bag of OX into 250 gallons of water and I quart of hangtite always worked well.


If anyone is looking for already mixed up Oxalic check out the paint section in hardware stores, products called “Wood Brightener” is usually oxalic already mixed with a surfactant.


I am tired of mixing small batches of oxalic acid everytime i need it.
My question is, is it stable to store over 1 month?


If all you have is oxalic and water it’s likely to drop out to the bottom in a months time. There are some wood brighteners that have an oxalic, phosphoric acid, surfactant blend…those seem to be more stable over time.


So it is stable and still strong, i just have to stir before serving.