Elemonator and Oxalic Acid?


What is a good source for ox? I have been buying citric from Bulk Apothecary (thanks to Racer!) for an amazing price. I would like to have some ox to have in my arsenal.
Thanks in advance.


I call Rowina at Florida labs directly. I imagine the price is probably pretty similar to bulk apothecary because Florida labs is the least expensive I found on Amazon and they usually quote me a lower price over the phone.

Doesn’t really matter though. Oxalic acid is dirt cheap most places.


I recently read a comment from someone on Facebook where he said the oxalic takes a while to fully dilute and disassociate, so he said he always mixes his up 3-5 days in advance for best performance.

No idea on the accuracy of that statement, but passing it along.


@squidskc Hey Brodie, approximately how many gallons do you end up with when you mix a 10 # bag of Fla Labs Oxalic? I met someone last week who was mixing it 12 oz to the gallon. I never thought about weighing it. I think I’ll go try that. BRB


I do half a measuring cup to a full measuring cup depending on strength. I don’t weigh it. But at 16 ounces per pound and 10 lbs per bag that’s 160 oz divided by 12 that 13.3 gallons. :slight_smile:


@squidskc Just weighed the oxalic, and it took a heaping 1/2C to get to 4oz.


Just want to say a big thank you to those on this thread giving advice about the use of oxalic acid on rust stains.

I mixed the ratio you suggested, ( 1 Cup per gallon ) no access to hot water so I mixed well in a bucket and then strained the solution into back pack sprayer so that it didn’t clog the filter.

I added further water to any left undissolved in the bucket and then put through strainer.

Took three sprays/brush to get results I was happy with.

All the best



Hey @squidskc, if you don’t mind me asking, what did you charge to remove a stain like that? I see a lot of brick in my area with similar stains.



There were a bunch of these stains. The job total was about $4k. They kept adding stains and I went back a couple times before I invoiced.

That one on the wall around the light required a 2 gal pump up filled with oxalic and a 4 gallon filled with water and a service cart. It was on the 4th or 5th floor. If I were doing that one alone, knowing I wouldn’t even have to hook up the trailer I’d probably just charge my minimum of $300. It took all of a 1/2 hour max.


Wow so you rinsed with a pump up as well on this? No pressure washer?

That is some great profit per hour. Congrats on landing that one!


I used the PW on everything I could access with it. This particular stain was inaccessible unless I rented a lift. I made due with a couple pump ups and a service cart.

I used the 4 gallon pump up to rinse and had another 5 gallon bucket full of water to rinse more if I needed to. I didn’t use the full 2 gallons of oxalic on this, but rinsed with about 6 gallons.

With trips back and the other stains $4k was just about right.


Service carts are as important in my world as pump ups. Lol


Looks great! I love to keep things organized as well, saves time at the start and end of every day that’s for sure.


Does anybody have a spare grinder I could borrow?



There ya go dude…take this one


There’s another 18v Milwaukee grinder in the tool box ready for someone to use it.

Battery powered grinders are sure to let you down…

Sandwich grinders will always help you up.


I take it you don’t like changing grinding disks so just have one for each different kind! I like it! Haha


Cutting wheel, grinding wheel, flap disk, and wire wheel. Those are my go tos 99% of the time. And my favorite grinders are always the cheap(er) ones. I got the two makitas for $35 each, the Ryobi, and (gasp!)the harbor freight one for $40.

The Ryobi is actually my favorite grinder ever! Trigger grip. Handle rotates… it’s a dream boat.

Does anyone else have a favorite grinder?


I usually stick with the Harbor Freight ones since you can pick them up cheaper than a set of new bushings for the others. I don’t use them as often as it looks like you do though. I like the idea of a trigger, might have to look into the Ryobi.


Definitely a Metabo and not the new ones Lowe’s is carrying. The 6” is my favorite of the ones I have. Unless I’m polishing then it’s a 9” Makita.

Agree on the cordless grinders. My makita is only good with flap wheels or brushes. Lights start flashing and stalls out. Waste of money.