Electric hose reel help

I wired up titan hose reels according to diagram that came with them but they aren’t working. I am getting 12 volts to solenoid but motor isn’t working. Can I try to hook motor directly to the battery with inline 40amp fuse to see if motors are ok or is that bad news?

Yes if you hook it up correctly it wont be a problem. Have you checked your ground wire? Is it a direct ground?

Can you post a pic of the wiring diagram?

Sanded trailer frame and ground to that. I am showing 12 volts at the solenoid so I am assuming ground is ok. Could be wrong I’m not great with electrical.

I will take a pic of it at the shop tomorrow

Dont assume the ground is correct. Ohm the ground between the motor and the ground at the battery with the wire disconnected at the battery. You should have less than 5 ohms.

Did you sand where the reels are mounted to the frame?

What I’m saying is the ground between where you put it on the frame and where it travels to the ground you are using for the motors sanded and clean at each point?

No they are mounted to the deck of trailer and I ran 4 awg to the frame and grounded

I will try hooking motor directly to 12 volt and see if I get any action.

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Where is the motor grounded?

Motor is grounded to the trailer frame

Is this the 5500E?

Yes 5518

Battery has to be grounded to frame also if you’re grounding the motor to the frame

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Haha that’s probably what it is then because battery is grounded pressure washer skid.

Not getting a ground through the frame if the battery isn’t also grounded to the frame.

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Yes. Battery ground has to follow a complete path through metal all the way to the motor you are trying to run.

Thanks guys I will fix in the morning. I appreciate your help.

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Anytime. Glad to help if I can.

Good luck