Driveway and house pricing

So I have done 4 quotes on driveways for $100- $150 and the customer wanted me to do it for $50. I turned them down. I also had 3 house washes quoted for $150 one story to $200-$250 second story house. The customer wanted me to do it for $100. I am new to pressure washing and I rent the equipment until I can buy one. I am in League City, TX. 25 minutes south of Houston. Am I quoting them to high or are people just being cheap.

You are low on prices… They are being very cheap. If they know you are not a full timer they are likely taking the opportunity to low ball you.


Not your customers. Go to a nicer neighborhood.


I quoted a house for $300…she told me she had a guy come and do the house for $80, plus without chemicals that could harm the plants. I told her that I could not compete with that price and walked away. In all honesty, if she had someone that low, she had no need to call me. She can call me when she wants it done correctly.

I lowered my prices because I wasn’t getting any jobs but I can’t go lower than what I stated above. Some guys down here have $70 driveway cleaning on their website. The neighborhoods are between $200,000 and $400,000 houses.

Alot of people use cheap drive way cleans just to get on the property for an opportunity to up sell more work.

Know your market you may be in a lower income area where they don’t have disposable funds. Try other neighborhoods that look like they keep their properties up.

It could also just be that his competition is willing to do the job cheaper. You see that alot in other industries…landscaping, House keeping, window and carpet cleaning, etc…

4 quotes is not a good sample size how did you reach these people?

Facebook page mostly. One from door hangers and one from google ad.

You’re in an area to get 350 easy on a house wash. I’m close. I work mostly in Seabrook and Deer Park. I do a few LC houses too

Don’t mess with those people. Sell them on the house wash for 300. Then add the drive way in the quote for the 50 they want . You will be done in 2 hours. And you get the money you want for the flat work. They just don’t know it. Also, it’s on you as the salesman to point out you are not the 50.00 wash guy with 4000psi that wants to blast their stuff with more pressure than is needed and damage their surfaces.


I love the messages, “You Pressure wash? I need my driveway and walkway done. I might do it myself depending on your price.” Send them the estimate…”Thanks boss, but imma pass.”

Driveways are adons only.

Just the bizzness I’m high, Im here to make money.
This week i bid 4 jobs got 2 of them. Just not always gong to get every one…

Today I did a nice gated community, million dollar houses, they see what i have done… I get 2 jobs…$800 jobs both with pools big patio and drive.
Across the street each other got to charge the same…
2 Woman they told me do the job right there…


Understandable…I live in an HOA and I’ve done about 30-40 of the owners drives, considering most only want those done. I just lost out on a house wash to a painter who includes pressure washing in their estimate for the customer who needs their house painted.

Hello! Your prices are too low bud. I just did a 1370 sqft and my customer had no issue at all paying the $411 I quoted him for a simple house wash. Didn’t include driveway. This was in Seagoville Tx. One hour outside of Dallas. Those people aren’t your customers buddy

Hi im new on the forum but I had a question, when you do driveways when do you know to use the surface cleaner or actually use the wand? Im just starting out but dont know what kind of surfaces my surface cleaner can wash and which one it can not.

Always use SC on driveways.
You dont want to be known as El Zorro, or Van Gogh Starry Night


Never use the wand on on driveway - surface cleaner always.

Don’t use surface cleaner on wood.

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