Downstreaming without pressure

I’m using 10.5% and leaned I get a really strong mix when just using line pressure ie machine not running. I have an external injector attached to My viper 4gpm. Question is, is this a suitable use or an I in for allot of trouble

Edit: I have a portable PW at the moment and use city water supply. I’ve noticed that my injector siphons when the pump is not running, and can spray that at a perceived higher concentration that’s with it running. Thus allowing me a similar effect to softwashing without the extra equipment ie tank 12v pump addtl hoses etc. just wondering if anyone else has done it this way. I’m going to measure tomorrow what kind of flow it’s getting.



Can you reword your question @Atownviperman? I’m not sure what you mean.

When your machine is not running you are just siphoning straight SH through the injector, and it comes out the end of your wash hose. That won’t affect how strong your solution is when the machine is running. It will, however, waste a lot of SH if you allow it to continue.

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Thank you. That answers that.

External injector?

Hey, you know…for the non-buffer tank crowd, they might be onto something. 3-4% with nothing but hose spigot psi?

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Doesn’t work that way. You don’t get nearly enough flow when your machine isn’t running.

Yeah not built in to the pump injector. I’ve done a fence like this and looking to try it on a roof. Just curious if anybody has done it. I go through 2.5 gals of sh on about 500sqft of fence and it’s very effective.

Try what on a roof?

Can you take a video of this and post it up here? I’d be interested in seeing that.

Max1 just trying the siphon method without the high pressure. Only hose pressure. Like a soft wash without the extra equipment

I don’t know what you mean by saying the siphon method and without the extra equipment. Can you please explain the process?

Do you mean using the machine while it’s off?

@Atlas1 Can you explain what is going on here? You seem to be the only one that understands this post. I can’t seem to picture what @Atownviperman is trying to convey.

Yes max1 just using the machine while it’s off.

Let me clarify. On a whim I realized that my injector siphons even when the machine is off and water is flowing. I started using this to do my sh spray and it seems to be more concentrated than when the pump is running. It’s done good thus far, I’m just concerned about any issues I may have from doing so.

And I’m not on a tank setup. Just city water etc

Just bang your head on the wall and don’t say anything. That’s what I do in these situations. Sometimes.

I’m assuming you mean a machine that hooks directly to the water source? As in no buffer tank involved. And you’re saying the water pressure from the house will push through the pump, unloader, injector and hose and still pull chemical? Do you have a video link or something that I could watch?

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Just get you some adapters to put DS injector straight to your hose, would probably have just a little more pressure with it not having to run thru your pump and all.