Downstreaming gutters vs gutter granade help

Hey all I have never used cleansol or gutter granade but heard both can stain concrete and remove paint very easily. Yes I know keep everything wet

For gutters that are in good condition I find two applications not downstreaming using 100% SH (12.5 pool shock) along with agent blue to be fine

But for heavily worn gutters finding out that results kind of meh, still some soiling on gutters. I am wondering if I forgo the downstreaming and use my 12v pump to apply 25% strength of SH would that get more dirt off?!

Folks tell me bleach does not clean and why you need degreaser but on the wooden porch I only used degreaser and it did a lousy job of cleaning gutters so I am thinking bleach does a fantastic job

Just hit it with stronger sh. Ever since I switched to the gas powered soft wash system I have been noticing that I need to turn up the sh to get gutters clean in one shot. I’ll hit it with 2% and everything just melts right off. Honestly I keep hearing the SH doesn’t clean either. I have tried washing houses with just soap, even ones without any growth, and if I’m using sh they get cleaner better and faster.

Yep but what does 2%[ equate to? I simply use pool shock and.1 gallon SH and 3 Gallons Water

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1:3 is 4 gallons total so 25% is sh of 12.5 gives you about 3%. That’s plenty strong Just make sure you rinse the windows really good, any grass or plants and even siding. If you put 3/4 of a gallon of sh and 3.25 gallons of water you will be close to 2%. Just remember SH degrades quickly and if your SH is a month or two old is not gonna be anywhere near 12.5% anymore.

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Who says sh doesn’t clean? I’ll fight em! Let me at em!
Brushing gutters can help too. Home depot sells a brush that will get 2 sides at once. 3% sh will clean just about anything on a house.


Having used pool shock until last year, be sure to check that date code stamped on the bottle or cardboard box. I was trying to use four month old bleach and it was nowhere near as hot as the 55 gallon drums I get now.


FYI, the black 2 level brushes are Menards hold up better than the Home Depot ones. I’ve now had the same brushes for 2 years and they hold up great with SH. The blue ones at Home Depot seem to break down and get flat pretty quick.

Yeah but black is ugly and everything on my trailer is blue…

Never had any issues with gutters. Soap 'em, dwell, soap again and immediately brush, rinse. Voilà.


Now FASCIAS. Boy howdy. I’ve had some fascias that didn’t care how many times you soaped with HW or brushed. They just weren’t coming clean. Hit 'em with the pump sprayer of 4% and let dwell for about 90 seconds then hit 'em with my shooter tip and they’re good to go.

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Wow 4% isn’t that close to 50/50 SH?

No that would be 6.25%. 4% is just baseline asphalt roof mix.

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Regardless that is too hot I would think.

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You stated that you use 3% on gutters but you’re concerned that I occasionally use a whopping 1% more to clean fascias?


Just never heard of anyone putting roof wash level. I normally downstream it but for gutters that won’t come clean I up the streght

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This is great info, thanks! I have a house wash coming up with soffits which look just like this and I wondered how to approach it. I will soap, dwell, soap, brush then rinse…you know the the SDSBR approach :slight_smile:

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I just used 4% on an entire heavy growth house today. Granted it’s being painted and not much landscaping to worry about but it worked great. I frequently turn it up to 3% just for gutters

Had gutters just like this using roof mix mix out of pump sprayer did nothing to remove the stained gutters that had asphalt shingle stains from surface. Did not brush wonder if that would have made different

Maybe, but SH only loosens and kills the living stuff, so what’s left requires a degreaser. We have tons of tiger stripes here in Louisville, very frustrating.

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Bleach is an oxidizing agent, not a cleaner.
White vinegar, often known as “acetic acid,” is an excellent gutter cleaning substance and is easily accessible in every home. Oxidizing agents react with surfaces and break chemical bonds, which helps them to kill germs and whiten pigments—but they do not themselves remove or clean anything.

The anodized aluminium in the channels and the asphalt in roof shingles react chemically to produce those unsightly black spots on gutters. You may remove tiger stripes from your gutters using “acetic acid.”
Before you start, scoop out all the dried leaves and debris to free your gutters from clogging material.

Also, I suggest hiring a Gutter cleaning professional once to clean it properly and provide more thoughtful advice to keep it maintained for longer.