Downstreaming a Dirty House or Property

Ok guys, to lighten the day up, dig out those old pics and let’s let’s see some pics of the dirtiest house you’ve been able to downstream.

Here’s one I did last week. 2.1 injector on 8gpm machine. Straight SH with elemonator. Hit it twice with about 5 min dwell in between. It was a full basement house - the downhill side of that chimney was at least 50’. Standing on my toes with the shooter tip, lol.


Hit this three times, couple spots under eaves needed a little more ‘spice’.

Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures but my most recent house needed the 12v at 3%, the gutters had actual dirt welded to them.


@Racer - It’s late… or early, depending on where you’re at… No pressure on this one…


Get that some here a lot with houses that have those rolled front edge gutter guards that haven’t been cleaned in forever. That front edge, you can’t dynamite clean. Had one a couple of weeks ago, that I hit 3 times with a 4% mix, scrubbed and then rinsed with my shooter tip. They looked better, but were still bad.

A home I did about 2 weeks ago, that was 1 coat downstream with a L&H Lemon Cling.


Not our most impressive, but one of our most recent…good stuff.

We DS 12% with a 10:1 (5-8gpm) injector on an 8gpm machine.


I keep a large assortment of 12, 15 and 20 orfice size tips, in 25,40 and 65 deg fans. My go to is a size 20 40deg for a medium pressure (1000 psi) rinse that usually handles what 4% alone can’t do well.

What post are you referring to? Show us a dirty house you downstreamed

Downstreamed with SH and Elemonator, 2-3 applications of my normal housewash mix on the spots that’s didn’t clean up within a few moments of dwell time. These where done at various times of the year so outdoor temps varied from 40 degrees to 90 degrees, and I guesstimate my batch mixes to be around 1% each time, but I’m not following a precise formula when I make up the cocktails each day.



Some good ones guys, keep them coming. Don’t forget this is educational so if you can maybe edit your post and in a sentence or 2 tell everyone gpm and maybe mix, soap, process, etc. Thomas, that’s some nice one’s.


I wanna know how you washed it like that. Cool


Theres a couple nowhere near as bad as some yalls tho
4gpm 2.1 injector with a splash of elemenator straight SH normally with a regular injector , i put a check valve on that pulls way hotter mix so im still experimenting with my batch mix did like 60/40 or so on the tan property and worked amazing
Normally i run 1 solid coat of HW mix then go touch up a 2nd time on areas that need it before rinsing


Plastic & duct tape…there’s always duct tape… :joy:

One that I did yesterday:

Equipment used: 8/3500 w/ M5DS

Solution: ~1.5% via 2.1 injector (12.5% SH) used my suppliers surfactant called “super bubble”

Process: apply solution via DS, dwell for about 2-3min, and rinse.

House hadn’t been washed since it was built in 06’ homeowner tried to do it with there own electric washer and decided that wasn’t going to work.


Putting this one up because it was a steel-sided house
(no, not aluminum).

Kinda fun. Still drying in the clean pic.

The second pic is just for fun. That’s not dirt. That’s all mold. As soon as I hit it with HW mix, it turned brown in about 20 seconds. The material was like beadboard.

Applied regular house wash mix. Waited a few minutes. Rinsed.

8 / 3500
Slo mo
2.1 injector
12.5% SH downstreamed


I like to see porch roof pics because then I know someone took a shower that day. Unless you are the neo of PW, then you just dodge the drops.

Neo Dodging Bullets GIF - Neo Dodging Bullets GIFs


I get asked all the time how I can stand being so wet after washing a home. I tell them I usually stay dry, but that I’ll definitely get wet when doing the front porch or the screened in porch outback.


Haha yeah 1st time i did one i did it way wront ijstead of working my way out from the back i did opposite started and went in then halfway through was like hmmm terrible idea haha but either way your wet haha :smile:

The moldy wood pics are always great!