Downstream query

If I was to put a 20% draw downstream injector at the gun end of my hose, and ran a siphon tube to a bucket of straight 10% SH, with a 4gpm flow, can anybody tell me what % mix I would have? Despert for a 3% mix for flat surface and dont want an xjett5.

Why not try it and find out. There is zero reason for that strong a mix on concrete anyway.

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2% is what you get through that injector

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I was taught to run 3 for concrete. Do you think 2 is sufficient with a decent dwell time?

1% max using a 4gpm 2.1 injector with fresh 10% SH. That’s the highest % you’ll get using a DS injector with 10% SH. @Steve512 I see you’re posting more than reading and learning. Change that and everything will come to you.


Every driveway is different, it’s nonsense to use that strong of a mix on every driveway you clean.

Correct. each driveway is different.
Possible there is an injector with 20% draw.

Sound like he wants to use a DS injector like an xjet but doesn’t want to use an xjet. I know there’s injectors out there that vendors market you can get a higher ratio than regular injectors but I haven’t tried one or heard of anyone using one.

Don’t believe it. It’s gimmicks and snake oil.


A 20% injector would pull at 4:1. I’ve never seen one that actually did that, most max out closer to 10:1.

If you’re using 10% and looking for 3% to hit the surface, you’d need it to pull closer to 2:1. I don’t think those exist without force-feeding.

12v pump with a battery, hose and tank will spray as hot as you like though…

I decided im gonna use a 4 gallon sprayer, batch mix it to 3%, then down the road ill build a 12 volt rig. Thanks bro.

You’re going to have one strong arm there.

That’s about 35 pounds you’ll be carrying when full.

I’d recommend a two gallon sprayer for pre / post treatment.

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You could also look into picking up a sprayer meant for the back of an ATV. I can find used ones pretty regularly on Facebook Marketplace. And often times, a place like Tractor Supply or Northern Tool may have returned ones if you are looking for new as possible without the new as possible price tag. That would work well for just pre/post treat of concrete - just modify hose length to get what you need.

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Thanks bro. Been considering that to.

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that was done downstreamed with 10.5% that had a little dilution to it as well…I hit a few hairy spots with a pump sprayer but nothing crazy a quick little extra that probably was un needed honestly! So I believe it can be done!
Good luck and you can always do a bucket test to find out exactly what you will be shooting…
My downstream pulls 10:1 when I did mine so def not the 20% it claims but I’m sure certain factors can make it change.

Lowes has them cheap as dirt 15 gal and 25 gal at 1 and 2 gpm. Not rated for cleaning chemicals so not sure what effect the SH would have on it over time. Ill make a mini soft wash system one way or another.

I know I’ll have eyes rolling again, but the gun I use to soft wash also works great for pretreating and no need for pumps or tanks. You just connect a garden hose to it and downstream. I connect it to a 2.5 gallon jug for jobs that need more bleach. Normally I just carry one gallon since it’s much lighter and quick to swap bottles. It can draw as strong as 5:1. Most concrete pretreating I do 10:1, but the nasty ones like this pic I go 5:1. Same gun for house washing at 19:1.

Nice. Ive decided to go with a 24 volt sprayer and have gallon jugs batch mixed for the job at hand sonce I always use 3% standard, and higher to spot treat. Quick refill. I really don’t understand 10 to 1, 20 to 1, etc, I better understand a % mix, and thats because im new to chemicals. How did you rig up the siphon barb on that?

That’s less of a chem thing, and more of a math thing :wink:

You have to use the ratios to get to the % number though. I mean, how are you able to figure up a 3% mix, if you aren’t using some form of a ratio to get there?

The gun is bought with the injector like that. It’s a Blue Mule Spray-all 50. It comes with a hose and a cap that connects to gallon jugs. I made up something similar to attach to a a 2.5 gallon jug too. The gun comes with a bunch of different orifices to get whatever ratio you want. The only modification I did to the gun was add a quick connect for my j-rod.