Downstream help

Good evening all,

So here is my setup.

new 8 gpm 3000 psi
2.1 injector
250 feet pressure hose.
Jrod for 8 gpm.

I hooked it all up washed with it for a couple of days and everything worked great. I tested the downstream draw rate it pulled about 20:1. Like I said everything was awesome.

…Then I was going through checking things a few days ago and noticed the unloader was bypassing a dribble with the soap tip in and bypassing a stream with a 9 orifice. So I adjusted the unloader to just a dribble with the pressure tips in and ever since then it’s only been drawing like 60:1. Anyway I put in every injector I had checked and rechecked all lines but couldn’t pull hardly any soap.

I tried turning the unloader back to the original setting but nothing worked. Long story short I took off 100 feet of pressure hose leaving me with only 150 feet and everything works as it should again. I just don’t get it. I need at least 200 feet for most of my jobs. Fortunately I have a x-jet if I have to get more hose.

Am I missing something here? Why would adjusting the unloader cause such a huge issue. Then when putting it back not correct it?

Not sure of your problem…but mine won’t draw at 250’ either. If I am working beyond 200ft, I have to move the injector and put it after the first 100ft on the reel…put it between the 1st and 2nd sections of hose. But then, mine has never drawn at 250ft…and yours has.

Gp high draw? @sgb

Yes it is.

Well. I do think that will work it may not be practical.

I’ve read 250 works for some and not for others so I was pretty happy when it worked like a charm. I always ran 250 feet with my 5.5 gpm with absolutely zero issues.

It will work and it is very practical for me as 200ft covers about 99.9% of my work…not sure how close you work. As long as mine will pull at 200, it is not worth my time to pursue it. Like I said, mine has never drawn at 250.

I re read your post. And actually understand it now. I’ll keep that in my back pocket for the future. I’m gonna add a 50 footer tomorrow to see what happens. I almost always need 200 feet. 90% of what I wash I park on the street and most of the homes around me are pretty far back. I mean I guess I could park in the driveway and just move when it’s time to wash the driveway but that’s no fun.

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It will pull with 250. Always start at gun end to diagnose. Will it pull soap with no nozxle? If yes, then replace with larger nozzle. Will it pull soap with no gun? If yes, replace gun with ST2315 or other 12gpm gun. Keep working toward reel, assuming you have checked that ball injector is not stuck


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Mine works fine at 200 feet but beyond that not so much

I use a 2315

It pulls a little quicker with no tips but I’m using #60s and can’t find any larger.

Ball isn’t stuck.

Again pulls a little better with no gun. I’ve checked with two guns with the same outcome.

I was thinking it may have something to do with having 2 sections but I don’t really want to buy a 250 foot single hose and it still not work.

Nah. I’m at 200’ with 100 ’ split qc’s. I’m with IBS, you got something funky Goin on

I use continuous length. If you start throwing a couple of quick connects into the mix, 200 will be your max. Just take off the quick connects and use hose unions. 3/8 by 3/8 npt hex union

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Injector are massed produced by child labor in a cave in Timbukbangladesh Missouri or someplace. Not exactly razor thin specs. Sometimes it’s as easy as trying about injector


Never would have thought to do that. Ill try it. Im going to try 200 tomorrow. I think I can get away with it for a day. 150 just wont cut it on most of my houses.

I think I’ve tried 2 or 3 different injectors. Same for them all.

I guess I’m just confused as to why it was working and now why it’s not.

Thanks for the help. I will let everyone know what works and what doesn’t.