Downstream help

Did you increase the pressure by fiddling with the unloader

Don’t know. I don’t have a gauge. I assume so.

Mine pulls fine at 300 with 100’ hose lengths though I rarely run that much, but regularly run 250 with no problems because have same problem with houses that you do. Do as @Innocentbystander suggested and trace it back.

Thanks. I’ll get it figured out in the next couple of Days.

What size injector do you run with the 8gpm

Just plain old gp 2.1 3-5 gal


Update: hooked up a 50 footer today temporarily and it worked just fine. I’ll work with it until the weekend when I have time to troubleshoot.

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Tested my GP 2.1 with the new 5.5/3500 today, pulls fine at 200’ continuous hose. Good thing, I have a nasty house to do on Wednesday.:face_vomiting:


update update

My injectors stopped working again on Friday.

Took it to shop and found out my hoses where they are crimped we’re corroded and building up rust enough to restrict the flow. Took a 1/4 inch drill bit and drilled out the rust. Injectors pull fine now.

I will be ordering a 250 foot continuous hose or two soon.