Downstream bleach with

Good afternoon! Been testing a few different chemicals/mixtures lately, if I’m DS what soap/surfactant is best to mix with is. I know ammonia is no good with bleach so I’m curious what I can buy locally that helps best

Use Dawn. You’re welcome @squidskc

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People are gonna start ripping you because you should attempt to use the search function above to try and find the answer prior to posting.

This specific topic has been answered/discussed 8.4 million times, but when it comes to surfactant Elemonator or Simple Cherry is the usual go to. I personally use Elemonator and have used Arm & Hammer oxiclean laundry detergent when in an absolute pinch (didn’t get my Elemonator order in on time).

Hope this helps.


Don’t use dawn, that was a joke.


I use elemanator for house wash and cling on for roofs @pressuretek . Pressure tek has a chemical sample pack that is pretty sweet for starting up . But anyway when I’m in a pinch I got to my.local pressure washer supply. They have something called lemon add Wich is a mild surfactent and makes my. Bleach smell like lemonade .

Always the under estimater…

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I did look around and I did see Elemonator etc… I was just curious of what I could buy locally. Other than that I know most washing detergent has surfactant and mixes well with bleach. No need to be hostile, I have a ton of work and use a lot of envirospec products. But in a pinch say if I was out of there detergents I was curious of what I could come up with locally. No worries. Just wanted to see what others opinions were etc. I’m currently doing a house in Titusville for John Allison himself, inventor of white ox :+1:t2:. I grew up around him and he has been a super big help to my business.

Try and look for local pressure wash supply store near you they have proper bleach stable surfactants. There are guys that use Dawn and gain dishwashing soap and swear by it however it says right on bottle don’t add with bleach. TBH I have used before but it’s not recommended. The horror stories I’ve heard was enough for me to never use again.

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