Simple cherry vs elemonator

Give the pros and cons on either. Ive always used simple cherry

From what I’ve heard they are both fantastic products. I’ve only used the Elemonator and I love it. The cons for simple cherry for me would be it’s a powder. I don’t even use an ounce per gallon of the Elemonator and it still rocks.

Thank you i read that too much elemonator streaks the windows

I think that discussion was about a different product with similar name. I was shocked at how great the windows looked the first time I used PressureTek’s Elemonator. I’ve never had an issue with windows with it. It rinses very easily as well.

I never had any issues with elemonator either. But I always rinse windows a min of two times. If you have streaks after washing your not rinsing enough. Taking the extra few min to rinse again can go a long way.

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nice do you guys leave the screens on when cleaning a house

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Always. Proper rinsing is always key.

I did a side by side last year on the two, the Elemonator rinses from glass about 50 to 75% better than the cherry. I did the test on hot glass also. It sheets off super smooth in comparison.

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Elemenator is easier to mix since it is a liquid. It doesn’t breakdown like cherry does if you leave it overnight and Elemenator hides the chlorine smell much better. We use it in our roof mix too!Especially on low roofs

Eliminator is about the easiest we’ve ever used. The guys love it because it’s easy to mix and it works well. I love it because it’s inexpensive, saves time and doesn’t burn up the mix.

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We used simple cherry for years until Bob sent us some elemonator to beta test…we never had any issues with the cherry. Having a hot water skid there was never a problem with powder, but like Chris said elemonator just sheets off so much better and masks bleach smell better to boot. Simple Cherry is a great product but has a few (very few) minor flaws. To me Elemonator really has no flaws…Super Product.

I prefer Elimonator, but I still prefer Wild Cherry (Simple Cherry and F13) for stucco.

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I really want to love Elemonator. I love the scent and ease of mix. Been through about 10-12 gallons but I have had issues with more windows streaking then I ever had with simple cherry. I have even used less than one ounce per gallon and still have to be real careful. Biggest problem for me is that it doesn’t rinse right off with water like simple cherry did. Most windows have to be scrubbed with a brush to remove the streaks. I still use it but on these hot days I can barely finish soaping a side before I am worried about the windows. And I rinse very thoroughly and really try to never let it dry.

I find an issue on the hotter days where there becomes a fine line between efficiency, time, and quality of the job. Washing a house on a hot summer day compared to a mild spring day really need two different approaches to have same quality results without any operator errors. Warmer days means faster drying, which in turn means quicker rinsing. I always shorten up the soaping areas on houses with the hot days, therefore the rinsing is still effective before the drying starts. In the cooler months I am able to soap the entire house with the same rinsing results. Im not sure if that may be the issue, but it’s just my observations as a single operator.

Im also a big fan of over flushing the lines before I rinse. There is alot of hose to pump out that soap fully.

Just my 2 cents.

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When people are mixing elemonator, is that 1 ounce per gallon in your downstream bucket, or 1 ounce per gallon in the final mix hitting the house?

Three or four ounces in the five gallon bucket before it gets downstreamed.

As long as the streak are not damaging the window whats wrong with that? that’s just more money for you… but that is if you offer window cleaning which if you do residential you should.

Really? You streak up their windows and then charge them to clean it? That’s quite a racket.

That’s what I was thinking.

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When did I say I streak peoples windows up and unless your water ppm is less than 50 the windows aren’t going to be clean anyway? I know what im doing I use the right amount and I rinse properly… no streaking here but you and Josh Davis would be wise to add water fed window cleaning because your leaving a lot of money on the table if you don’t