Door hangers were a fail

Got these done and sent out 300 of them on a Saturday when it was sunny assuming people would be more welcoming and in a good mood compared to week days. 300 went out and only 1 has called for the service. I don’t know how everyone else has done with door hangers but I think this has turned me away. I know that knocking on those 300 doors would have yielded extremely better results. Anyone else have such bad door hanger results? Was hoping to get 2 percent return at least. Oh well time to warm up the knocking hand I guess and get walking.

Yeah… door hangers are basically worthless… unless…

Lol. Plus your phone isn’t going to blow up within a week of basically cold’ll get a call or two in a month and another couple calls next year.

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Also, I hate that door hanger. The white font on a blue background is small and tough to read. It’s hard to tell what your service actually is.

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I did put these in a neighborhood that I am currently in ( around ten clients for window cleaning) and remember reading your post which is why I put them in that area :slight_smile: door hanger needs work but it’s much better then my previous ones! But never had great success with them but this one has been really bad especially since its such a nice neighborhood. Oh well I guess.

What does your door hanger look like?

There’s pictures in the link above. We never shotgun door hangers. 5 arounds only.

Thanks man!

Just out of curiosity, typically how long would 20 windows w/ screen cleaning and frame/sill wipe down take?

Use to take me an hour and fifteen-thirty minutes, scaling ladder etc. Got a waterfed pole system and an aztek screen cleaner and that’s cut the time in half. 30-45 minutes including setup, maybe a bit longer if the windows are in rough shape.

Oh wow… would have never thought it was that quick.

Yeah not having to move a ladder around and scale it really cuts the time down. Also if you are in to window cleaning and offer it as a service. I highly recommend getting the screen cleaning machine. Here is a link, it has been a game changer. I put it on the front lawn right in front of neighbors eyes and you would be surprised how many neighbors come over “wow what is that thing?”

It pays for itself in conversation with neighbors who become clients.

Here is a video of it in action

You have a sample size of 300 and wanted a 2% return?
Thats not how they work, this isnt a fail. Its barley a test with just a small sample size. Its also only been 5 days, some people will keep your flyer and call you 6 months from now.
Also you door hanger design isnt the best, at least the front part that you posted. You asked a question “dirty house?” but you did not answer it with value added answer. Why should they call you over the next guy? What do you offer someone else doesn’t, other than the coupon.

If your going to use door hangers, eddm, flyers, direct mail, you need to know how they work. You are shot gunning and have to send out thousands. I get most of my business through those methods. You have to be consistent, and willing to spend the money.


I have only passed out around 50 hangers so far. Using @squidskc 5 around process and I picked up 3 jobs doing that. I did do a blind push in a remote ritzy lake town and the president called me to do his house and wanted to know if I would do the water tower. Working on that quote now.

See those are better numbers. Going to start using that today! Thanks guys.

My calls were not in the first 5 days though. Be patient!

That’s not how it works…pass out 5000 and then see your ROI after 3 months.


Best door hanger trick I’ve used is going and meeting with the HOA and left a stack, a lot of homeowners only call when they get a letter saying they need cleaning done. They attached my hanger or flyer presenting the deal I offered, worked out really well!

Since most are not home for me to do 5 arounds, Im using door hangers on the neighbors houses

That’s what most do…door hangers on the houses around the house you worked at.

They have not been paying off to waste time walking around hanging them. Not even with a quote written on them