Door Hangers...thoughts?

After a lot of tweaks and adjustments I finally put them into production last week and just picked them up today. Figured I’d post them up for all to see. Hopefully they can give somebody ideas or inspiration for their own door hangers. I know I looked at hundreds of designs to try and draw inspiration from. Also would be open to feedback or adjustments to make to the next batch I have made. I will be searching for a better roof picture but that’s all I had to work with for now. Just bought a roof pump setup, did that one with a pump sprayer (neighbor’s house).


Very nice Derek! You did an excellent job. I like how you have the services listed with a brief explanation.

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Looks good man now comes the hard part. Paying someone to put them out that actually puts them out . I’ve paid people a few times to do it and I’d bet my wallet most of them never made it to a door


Thanks Brian! I wanted to keep it simple but still provide enough info about the services we offer.

I plan to hit the street myself and put the miles in. My background is in sales and I’m damn hungry. I plan to use them for Five Arounds also but to kick the season off, I’m going to hit all the primarily vinyl sided subdivisions and knock on some doors. My goal is to get at least one house in every neighborhood so that I will have the opportunity to do five arounds and really have a physical presence in the neighborhood and the multiple “touches” of marketing like @squidskc talked about…genius idea btw

Those look really good!! Nice design.

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If you stick to your plan your almost guaranteed success. If you do it every day you will be able to consider yourself successful by this time next year. Keep it up :+1:


Thanks for the feedback Luna! @Ecowashpressurewash

Best one I’ve seen on here, great job.

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Thank you @Patriotspwashing . I appreciate your feedback.

Thanks @florida_condo_cleani . I appreciate the words of encouragement!

I’m gonna be honest. They look great, but I think you might lose people in the busyness of it. I don’t know though. They’re incredibly professional looking. So I’m torn. Usually, less is more.

For 5-arounds, You’re only missing two things: social proof and a deadline on your coupon. Mention the neighbors. It’s the best thing you can do to sell what we do.

This season, I’m testing cards with a rubber band instead of door hangers. They’re basic white cards with blue lettering. Incredibly basic. Tiny logo. I want to see if I even need to write the house number on it and there’s no discount.


I also have a friend that is an outside salesperson who will be helping with these. Guy has one helluva gift for sales. Generated more than $1M in sales per year for the last three years (windows, roofing, gutter installs etc). I’ve offered him a 10% commission on any sales generated from his efforts with the door hangers. He will try to close jobs on the spot if the homeowner is home but his initials will be at the bottom corner so he will still get paid if I get a job from it. Might work, might not. Gotta try stuff to figure out what works.

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Hey @squidskc, I welcome the honest feedback. If I wanted someone to tell me they were perfect and not to change a thing, I’d ask my mother for her feedback :rofl:. I’ll definitely keep your thoughts in my mind for the next batch and maybe tweak them a little bit.


Understood. Like I said they look great. There’s just a lot packed on there. Logo twice. Little credit card logos. Corners filled with tiny letters.

Track your return on these. I’d be interested to see how many calls to jobs per 100. I could be off base like I said. Lol they look awesome. Just a little disorienting.

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Will do. I’m big on tracking ROI. I’ll let you know once I put a few hundred miles on my :athletic_shoe:

Honest homeowner perspective here. Professional design and layout though I agree it could be a touch simpler / less busy.

Other than that, and this is just my opinion here; I would rather be handed a flyer than find a door hanger when I get home. I’m not the kind to really converse much with a salesperson, but the personal effect versus finding advertising materials at your home, on your car, etc… it has always left the wrong impression on me.

Good luck with them, I’m sure it will be beneficial, just beware of folks like me!

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Thanks for the feedback @Mark_VA. I will be leaving these behind if the homeowner doesn’t answer the door. If they’re home, I will hand it to them and talk with them about the services I offer.

Why is there no website address on these??? Looks good, but I don’t understand why you aren’t directing customers to your website…much easier to track effectiveness of door-hangers… All marketing should revolve around your website…


Yes, great point.

I’ve thought about adding a qr code to my website on the next batch of clip flyers. Not sure how many people know about qr codes though.