Do you use Home Advisor or Thumbtack?

If so, how much are you paying per lead and is it worth it?

I ask because I send leads to a local pressure washer from my sites & charge him 10%/job. I am starting to wonder if I am cheating myself so i want to compare it to what those services charge and if I should increase my price.

Thank you.

Don’t be that guy! If you have more work than you can handle just pass it along. The good karma will follow.


This seems scummy.


You said you charge him %10. That’s pure profit if you already have a functioning website and have too much work. I’ve had guys on this forum send me HUGE multiple thousand dollar jobs and not ask for a penny.




I use thumbtack all the time it has more than paid for its self at least in my area

How so?


Okay thanks!… how much do you pay per lead? And if this is a better option for him, i may even suggest it.

Are you really that busy that you gave away that cash I’m not sure what you charge or how many jobs that is but that’s like 20 houses maybe or 6 apartment buildings so not alot. Why would you not hire a helper or him and pay according
Or just keep giving him the jobs if you are so busy you can do them then the cost per lead really doesn’t matter hard to put price on karma. Plus you write it off on your taxes so…

He is the pressure washer, i am his marketing person. Okay i figured $6100 isnt much but its the calls i know of. he seems to have some cheating tactics so i wouldnt be surprised if its more. he also has his own ways of getting business. getting $6100 extra jobs and only paying 10% is a good deal for him.

So you are not a pressure washing company? Could have fooled me with the name.

If you are designing the sites and dispatching the work how are they going around you?

And no 6k a month is not much for a full timer. It costs me 4K a month just to start my truck 5 days a week.

So he paid you $600 last month in “brokerage” fees basically. That seems reasonable for 6k in work.

“If you are designing the sites and dispatching the work how are they going around you?”

Asking callers to text the address to his # or he calls them back on his own #. i lose track of that customer.

4K a mo wow… i figured 6100 isnt a lot but i’m be more motivated to get him more customers if i wasn’t being cheated.

So now I’m confused

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How are you getting cheated if you are getting 10%

Just make it a rule where if he does that he won’t receive leads for a week then.

Idk I’m against the whole home advisor thing. They call me monthly and beg me to sign up. I told the last one if they can’t get service with you (home advisor) they will find me lol


They are sending reply emails telling them to text him. Vs booking though email traffic that he can see.

Bit that’s going to happen with any marketing company. He should expect some loss. It not the pressure washer fault the he did build the redundancy into the site so that cant happen all part of learning

Find other reputable pressure washing companies to give the work if you can’t trust them.

This person is shady. He is deleting his comments now. He is not a pressure washing contractor.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that this person is definitely scummy.

Please take your scummy tactics elsewhere. This forum is a place for professional contractors to congregate and discuss the in’s-and-out’s of the industry. This forum is not your personal sounding board to gauge your pricing. Be gone, troll.