Do you schedule residential washes on a Sunday?

When I use to work alone and had another job I would work any day I had available which included Sundays(my old job I worked on average 3 days a week but took all my vaca time in the PW season)

Today we rarely do any residential on the weekends. Sometimes Saturday but the weekends we try to leave for commercial work. Sundays I haven’t schedule any residential work in yrs…

How about you guys. Do you schedule residential work in for Sundays and if you do what’s your reason for doing so?

No. Not. Never.

No never. The weekends are for family in my world.

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Alex Curry

Nights and weekends are for family.

I have 1 time. That’s it…

However I do wash 1 small fleet on Sundays, because during the spring and summer, that’s the only day they are not on the road.

I work Monday-Friday. I try not to work at all on the weekend. Sat, If i have a job to do i could not get to during the week. Ill push no more then 2 houses to the weekend. I can knock them out and be back home before lunch.

Usually no. Have I ever? Yes. If it is absolutely necessary I will but I am with you guys, I try to keep Sundays for church and family.

Never on Sunday. Saturday only if the client insists and is not available any other day c

Nope 7pm Friday - 5am Monday is family time, only thing getting done during that time might be quotes or maintenance, and then only if I have to.

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Residential work is Tuesday through Friday Mondays are not on the schedule because if weather or other reasons that make us miss a job we have a open day to reschedule and it does not throw things off. Saturday I have done jobs and emergency jobs but leave it open for commercial jobs that need to be done when customers or employees are not coming and going. I do not work on Sundays as most said it is for family.

No, nights & weekends are made for higher paying commercial work, if someone wants Sunday work they’ll pay for it.

Maybe resi estimates on Sat when it’s really busy. Commercial buildings on weekends where necessary.

We have done a few residentials on Sundays but only when the schedule is so jammed we cannot get it worked in any other day within a reasonable time…every once in awhile some commercial cleaning when Sunday is the only day they are closed and only day that doesn’t interfere with their business and customers

My guys wash fleets on the weekends. I wouldn’t intentionally schedule a house wash for the weekend regardless but if the H.O. needed it done on a weekend for whatever reason we would make it work.

I worked every single sunday this year. trying to build a business while working 60-70 hours a week with my full time job isnt easy. This year Im working full time with my business and had planned on not working sunday. I am hoping things will be going well enough for me that I dont have to take whatever comes my way. I would love time with my fam

Tim, when your business gets to the point where you don’t feel like you have to take everything that comes your way is really nice…took us about 3 years

I worked many Sundays in 2012 since I was also working a full time job during the week. Since our baby has been born now, I’ll be full time as soon as our insurance goes through (OUCH) and won’t work Sundays unless it’s necessary.

I cant wait for that day to come. I’m hoping that I can get my part time employee up to speed and maybe he can swing some of the weekend help… maybe pick up another guy too. We’ll see how it goes

I’m a part time washer, so yup on the sunday. I do try to keep it minimal like just a house wash.

We are in the same boat as Tim. Until we build up our business I guess we’ll take what we can get, when we can get it!