Do you follow up power washing with window cleaning?

Offering exterior window cleaning using pure water and a water fed pole after washing houses or buildings has been very profitable upsell for us.

Is anyone else doing this?

Years ago when I had my sub do all the Burger Kings in our area, we also cleaned the windows as well. This was another division of the company. We are now just Parking garage cleaning which we do clean all boxes and elevators inside the garage.

I’m doing it the other way around. Window cleaning with pressure washing as an up sell. In my mailer ad (Valpak) the back side offers screen repair and pressure washing. Still new for us but we have gotten a few calls.


Like your Logo. Looks good!!!

Thanks man. I appreciate the compliment…

That’s how I do it, too.

Exterior window cleaning with a house wash

i’ve been advertising both window and powerwashing. i started this business with the intention of being a window cleaner but 79.9% of my business this year has been powerwashing. only thing i’ve been able to upsell consistently is gutter whitening.

We always try to, I would guess maybe 25% go for it right away… Then another 25% do at some point down the line…

We are mainly residential so I think its a little easier.

What are you charging a foot? (if you charge that way)

I love gutter whitening… Its our 2nd most profitable service.

i charge a $1 a foot as an add on. if a customer calls me just for that reason, $1.25.

i like using the analogy of wearing a tuxedo or a suit, getting all dressed up but wearing sneakers instead of shoes to cleaning the whole house and not paying attention to the gutters. plus i have a bunch of pictures of before followed by pics of half clean half dirty. pretty dramatic pics. especially when the before picture doesnt really look like the gutters are that dirty

We had a guy…my friend Jimmy Ryan who passed away from cancer du to 9-11… Today we only rinse windows and other companies come in to clean windows… Very rarely we clean windows but I’d say maybe once a yr will do it

Check this out and stop leaving money on the table:

Exterior window cleaning is one of the best upsells we have. I bought a used watered pole last summer and it is a money maker.

How about a “Curb Appeal” package! Windows, Siding, Roof and drive for $$$ I have noticed around here, 85 to 90 percent of the roofs are black or going black, about 75 percent have a beautiful shade of green at one end of their house. They must like that because they allow it to keep growing around the corners. Drives and walkways are a blended shade of grays and blacks. You would think the decks and fences are painted black (or an ice rink in the rainy season…slick). So, make a bundle by bundling (I just made that saying up - feel free to use it). Have Real Estate Agents sell it to their customers and give the agent a kick back… uh… finders fee!

I wore a suit and shell toe Adidas for my wedding…

I wore only shell toe adidas for my wedding… still waiting for my bride to show up.

We are working on a bronze, silver, gold package to put up on the website. Hopefully it will be up in a couple of weeks. I have talked to a few people that do this and they say it works good for them.

I guess I just like to be different and creative with my names. You know, stand out and be remembered. As an example: Curb appeal package = everything, Love my home package = roof, siding and windows, Really Broke Package = a piece of paper with a lowballers phone number (maybe I will get a referal fee).

I agree it won’t be gold silver bronze. That’s what’s holding it up figuring out what to call it.