Do you charge extra to clean the stripes from gutters?

I’ve been told it’s not abnormal to charge $50 to clean the stripes off the hutters of a one-story house and maybe $70 or so to do them on a 2 story. Do you guys charge extra for this and is that pricing about right? I do soft wash and have never had those stripes end up being sufficiently removed that way, also I’ve a few times hit thjose stripes with alot of pressure at near point-blank range and they stayed right where they were. Had to use gutter stripe remover and a brush. Thanks.

I definitely charge for that service. It can be pretty hard work, especially on a two-story house. I charge by the linear foot. It’s a great add-on though, for sure! (But I don’t share my pricing publicly…sorry)

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It’s a pain in the butt. I charge $1.25 per story foot. Added to a house wash.

I just don’t do them. Problem solved. :sunglasses:


Additional charge,i always let my customer know that the strips will not be removed with a normal house wash.
Depending on if thats just for the front gutters or not i get way more thatn $50-$70. Some gutters are more of a pain so i charge them all as if their going to be a pain

Okay thanks for the info. That all sounds pretty reasonable. Short of
having a jet pack or, well, WINGS, I found a Mr. Reach 24 foot telescopic
pole to do the job just fine. That thing is unwieldy, but I don’t do
ladders, and it did get the job done just fine. I was going to dip the
brush in gutter stripe remover, but then I grew a brain and mixed it up in
my sprayer and just sprayed it on the brush. I did find out the hard way
that, as effective as gutter stripe remover is, you’ve got to rinse that
stuff with water while it’s still wet with the remover. Thanks.

yes they are pia, charge extra, and sometimes they will not come off so warn them of that

Me neither wast of time no good results…

I normally charge $1 per L.F. to remove zebra stripping from gutter faces. These stains are usually asphalt residue from the shingles. I use Zep purple degreaser mixed 50/50 with water and applied with a spray bottle and hand wiped. This work extremely well.

Hand wiped ? Wow that sounds like a lot of labor for a buck a linear foot
Why hand wiped ???

HAve you ever tried F-13 or any other product ?

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I’ve been having good luck with a stripe-removing solution sprayed on a
brush at the end of a 25ft mr. Reach telescopic pole. That pole is well
worth the money, will save you from having to get an a ladder about 95% of
the time.

Yes… That’s the way I’ve been doing it for a while now. Either I spray it on the brush, or directly on the gutter if it’s first story.

We scrub all gutters with our house washes and its built into the price. Curb appeal matters for us because of referrals & leaving the exterior of the gutters dirty after a house wash they really stand out. Also on our estimate sheet it explains that we do scrub all gutters.

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I explain that scrubbing gutters is a pain in the neck and that most of my clients are happy with how they turn out with the house wash.

Every time I read about scrubbing stripes off gutters… I feel very glad gutters don’t get stripey around my area!

I charge $35 per side per story. About 50% of the time the client says no.

Most of my customers get gutter whitening,
I hate doing gutters but its really help to increase the average per customer.
I did some gutters last week and ended up spending 3 hours brushing them. The gutters where ice cold and on the second and first story so a lot of them.

Most gutters turn out pretty good with a house wash but if the customer wants to go the extra mile and get a gutter brightening done, they’re gonna pay the piper! Shanizzle my my fanizzle, that looking up and scrubbing SUCKS! $1 lf for lower level and $1.50 for 2 story. And many actually pay for it…
But that’s also when I put my 18 year old son to work. Lol

Well, I’m seeing I should maybe update my pricing so I’m charging about
what you do. Seems to be a more accurate way to charge for them. Plus
they’re a pain, as you said. But that’s why we make the big bucks. Thanks.

All our house washes include gutter cleaning! Sets us apart from our competition! That’s how we get the premium prices.