Do you charge extra to clean the stripes from gutters?

Has anyone ever used gutter zap? sells it for about $20 a quart it’s supposed to make 3-5 gallons of solution. I am just starting to offer gutter brightening and I’m clueless

Never tried it, but that’s because I searched the forums A LOT before I offered the service, and Gutter Grenade always got more votes that Zap. (I will be experimenting with Awesome this year, as I hear it doesn’t take the gloss off of the gutters when you use it)

A gallon of gutter grenade lasts forever and makes them look new again. That’s all we use.

Gutter Grenade hands down. Far superior to gutter zap imho

I’ve used it, works pretty good. I d’s it let it sit for a few and rinse it off

Does gutter grenade eat paint?

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Yes, if you let it sit too long, especially on hot days. Strength that it is mixed at plays a factor also.

We use to butt now with employees we just add it to our housewash. Alot of time no one is home to up sale it so we just do it.

Nope. The gutters get cleaned with house wash mix, sometimes with a higher concentration through the x-jet, but only the dirt and algae are we worried about.

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