Do I have a unloader issue?

So, you don’t need 4 nozzles. I use two, most of my guys use 3. I wouldn’t use but the ones you linked on Amazon. Those are some crappy welds and Jarrod G would smash over of his guitars if he knew his design and been watered down to that lol. I use a 0050 and 25 degree tip. All low pressure. I keep a pressure fan tip in my pocket for popping gum but I don’t like the weight on the end of the gun

So you use the 0050 with a 8gpm? Sorrry Im
Just curious to try these out to see how different the experience of cleaning a house is. I use the pink/black tips only and most houses take right around an hour and those with large porches may extend to an hour and a half and I feel this is the easiest Ive ever had to work.

I have a pressure washing store near me I may stop to see if they have these tips so I can try.

I’ve never seen a pink tip. I haven’t owned a black tip since about 2000 when I started buying commercial grade equipment. Get the right tips and your effecincy will improve

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South of the border or crossing an ocean? That is a big decision and I wish you luck in both your planning and execution of such a decision.


Across the deep blue sea. Nothing set in stone yet but we’re keeping our options open. Thanks for the support, amigo!

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You don’t, I do.:+1:

The HP shooter gets used for knocking off organics from 2nd story gutters. You wouldn’t believe the layers of buildup.

Hey fellas just a quick update. Thanks to ALL who added your information, advice and jokes. You educated me and made me laugh at the same time. It was my unloader that was my issue. Installed that sucker and it works beautifully.

I purchased a couple 0050 nozzles, tested it out yesterday and…

I cant really tell a difference between 0050 and my pink tip you laughed at me for. In fact Id be willing to challenge you guys to try the pink tip. It sttill shoots soap high up and IMO when it comes to rinsing it provides slightly more power to get the dirt and mud off of the gutters easier.

I still need to try out a few more nozzles I gound a ton of them at Northern Tool.


That pink tip looks good

Many times on the side of the tip below the colored area (in this case pink) it’ll have the orifice size printed right on the metal.