Do I have a unloader issue?

Don’t stand in front of the wand. There is no reason to get wet if you angle the wand away from you

How’s your kubota doing? Get all your projects done? Haven’t seen you post an update on your stuff.

Drove my tractor to my buddies farm and tilled a small 40x50 plot for him yesterday, that was rough going. He said he had someone hit it with a 2 bottom plow, the guy must have barely scratched the surface. Guy must have had too small of a tractor for it. Finished tilling my garden under and have it ready for garlic now.

Doing my end of year grinding - spot painting on my equipment. Seems like everything rusted this year, and we were drier than usual. angle grinder, needle gun, and biscuits.

Good heavens. You don’t actually wash with that thing do you?

Oops nevermind! I glanced at that picture and thought that wand was way longer than it is lol that’s pretty much what I run.

That little Kubota is a beast. I did a ton of maintenance on it and it’s just a creampuff. Thing runs like a sewing machine. Just needed a little love.

Next weekend we’re going to start on some landscaping projects around here but lately it’s just been washing, working on projects and football. Not much to report. We’re holding off on buying cows for a little while. There’s a possibility we may be moving internationally in the next 12 months so we’re not doing anything major until we know what’s gonna happen there.

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agreed…I use them to help fill the landfill, but then that’s what winds up happening to almost all the colored tips that came with our machines.

I’m confused. Are you saying you put the tips from your 4gpm machine into a trigger gun and used it with your 8gpm machine?


Are you saying you use the colored tips that CAME WITH the 8gpm machine?

Just an FYI, I don’t recommend plugging the jrod straight into your gun for safety reasons. That’s why I did the 6" wand off the gun so my left hand doesn’t get shot by accident.

My 8gpm I got from a fellow in Georgia who had a pressure washing business and passed away, his wife just wanted to get the stuff sold so I got the machine and thats all it was. So Ive used the same gun and tips ever since that Ive used on my 4gm. Its basically the tips from Lowes. Idk what theyre rated at but theyve worked fine.

The 4gpm my favorite tip was the blue however that doesnt seem very popular amongst other pressure washing guys. I tried it on the 8gpm and its useless because the stream is so misty you cant see where your water is hitting so the pink works for me with rinsing. I can see about placing an order for some different size tips to see if it makes things easier.

Throw everything except the pink and red tip away. I use the red to rinse all the time, works wonders. If you want some more ooomph then go to a lowes/HD and buy a couple of colored tips built for a smaller ryobi


What tip do you use to soap close range?

2530 or 2540

I’m going to assume this is sarcasm that just is not translating…please do not rinse with a red tip (or do anything else with it, unless you want to sign you name in the concrete after a job well done…) :rofl:

Guys, I know some of you like messing with newbies sometimes.

Chris is not a fan of it.

Remember, he makes money by selling products / chems. He wants the site to be “user friendly” and welcomes the newbs and inexperienced and even the occasional do-it-yourself homeowner.

So let’s keep that in mind.

I have a tough time believing anyone has an 8gpm and still uses colored tips from a 4gpm to apply soap. Figured he was yankin chains because the orifice would be too small to pull soap from an injector. Then the injector tube clogging his intake line… If he is a real rookie I apologize and will start praying for him.


I agree, just didn’t want someone to search that up some day and go rinsing with the red tip…lol

The concern is also for others reading it next week/month/year and assuming it’s legit info.

I was once and still am the guy that searches stuff up so I get it. I’ll also stop using the red tip to rinse as its apparently a very bad idea

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Probably perfect for the 5th floor or so…

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Just have to look out for birds and pets. Would hate for mittens to lose one of his 9 lives after getting the death star treatment

So I just ordered one of those short guns. Will these tips be good for my 8gpm machine? I didnt see where it list the orfice sizes so I want to ask you guys before I just wing it.

JROD 4 Position Nozzle Holder for Pressure Washer (8GPM Nozzles)