DIY X-jet

This might be a real nubi question because I am.

If I want to draw a hotter mix without an Xjet could I just install a DS injector right at the gun and use my usual soft wash tips…
I was told the closer to the gun the injector is the hotter the mix.

Any thoughts.


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Pretty much.

Hi Tim,

So would it work or should i just buy an x jet.
Running a 8 gpm 3500 psi pressure pro.


I have a seven year old xjet. I’ve used it once.

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Hey Bill, did you end up giving this a try? I just modified a GP high draw to be installed after the gun and before the wand. Ball and spring removed. Hope being that I won’t need an xjet and could do stucco and stone aggregate. I love my jrod and would like to keep using it. Here’s pics:

Reducing the 3/8" to 1/4"

Haven’t assembled the gun and wand though.


I don’t know if he’ll see your response or not due to how old this thread is. Put a QC on each side and test it out. I’m curious to see how it works

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Nope, the point of the reducers is to have a dedicated gun and lance, only QC will be for the hose and jrod at tip.

I have an extra gun that is just laying around. I prefer a threaded connection when possible. Feels more solid in hand.

Pinging @VICurbAppeal

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They both operate on the venturi effect like a carburetor, worth a shot.

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That’s what I am thinking. I watched a few xjet mod videos and I couldn’t understand why anyone would spend the money on an xjet just to reduce it down to just an injector.

I’d rather spend $15 on a GP high draw. Regardless, I will update my findings and bucket tests.

What about when you rinse? I find it much easier to disconnect it when rinsing instead of using the valve on the hose. You planning on putting a valve on your suction hose?

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Yes I have a poly ball valve that I plan on using.

QC on the gun with no Lance and QC on the x-jet = less work carrying around the bucket while rinsing and you can use the gun for downstreaming. All my lances have QC’s on them and I don’t use them unless it’s necessary. Just makes things easier imo

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Need to add the wand now…

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That’s a lot of weight to be carrying around


Only for the very few times I have to do stucco or stone aggregate. Not a daily gun.


Poly ball valve added for soap shutoff


So you gonna try the thing or just stare at it? :joy:


Lol, I don’t have much choice. Rig is winterized until Spring. Just trying to gear up.

You should know, you are in Canada right @Max1 ? London area if I recall correctly?