Not really looking for a “pre-built window cleaning” RO/DI water system. I’m seeking a diy. Anybody have experience with this? Cost effective

You can buy whole set up for 1600$ couple jobs will pay off

Yes that is 1 option, I don’t see myself doing. Hopefully I can make my own and save 1400 bucks and get a better roi.

Good luck on this project, keep us update

Buy by the gallon from your local water supply store. I just did a $150 exterior window job today in an hour with 10 gallons of DI water. Cost of water was $2.80

Currently the house is set up RO/DI so I could buy another tank and fill up at home. That’s what I’m not interested in doing. I’m going to call the company that recently did the house and see if we can work something out for portable use. I would like to plumb it to my buffer fill reel w/ a 3-way valve then reduce the output to a 1/4 id hose to my diy wfp.

You have a Kinetico?

sure do

Does anyone have experience w aquarium systems?

I have a kinetico also, older model i believe the model 60? Anyways, how much did it run you to add the DI to the system?

Power line system. Not sure, family member bought it. Probably way too much for what it actually is. The company we are with changes the di. I’m working on a rate w/ them for a smaller unit with 3/4". All the aquarium ones have 1/4" input and I don’t believe enough flow for what im looking for. I found one for 50 bucks the only thing is I can’t use my own di. They come with the cartridges. Which really wouldn’t be a problem for how little it would be used but I would prefer to change the di myself. No biggie I definitely found the cost effective route with a little research!

Sometimes you have to be stubborn. I couldn’t justify the price on a simple di unit. Take everything you read with a grain of salt. If I paid 1600 every time I wanted some new equipment and did no shopping around, I would be a broke man.

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Hey can you elaborate on what you settled on and the cost?

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I’d be more than happy to!

Keep in mind you ONLY need deionization for spot free water! NOT Reverse-Osmosis

So here is two options for ya @JHH

I would recommend the cartridge method if your only going to run a max of 10 gallons per day. Super cost effective!

Cartridge: Watch this vid:

link for system:

Now here is option two. Lets say you don’t want to deal with a third parties cartridges and want to change the di your self.

Now for the above you must purchase a distributor and cap with the garden hose fittings (same site) and you are gold! Just saved $1450! (I’d throw a cheap sediment filter, like the one you have going to your buffer tank before it)

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Neat, thank you for the details.

Do you have any pics of how you have your setup? You also mentioned a diy wfp, how’s that working?

There is loads of better info on this subject over at the sister forum

While it’s technically true that you can get spot free results with just DI (provided there aren’t silicates in the water supply), it can get quite expensive if the TDS (total dissolved solids, a method of measuring water quality in relation to window cleaning) is high in your area.

There are some factors to consider when building or buying your system:


This is the DI tank I would go with. Some useful info on that page, as well:

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Hey @CastleCleaners, You’re talking about two completely different things. You mention wanting a cost effective RO/DI system but you’re showing a DI tank and telling people you are saving $1,400. The large tank from US Water is just a DI tank, a pretty affordable one at that. But as you said you need a head and fittings, then you need to fill it up. Not trying to just sell you, rather explain the huge difference. There are some who build legit RO/DI systems and there are many that fail and most just spend too much money and more importantly time trying to source housings, fittings, filters and media just to hook the RO up backwards and foul it in seconds. I’ve seen it. 9 times out of 10 a pre-built system with a warranty is the way to go. Open box, hook up, make money back. You want a cheap filtration system that works well in areas with soft water and gives spot free results? You can snag this refurbished 3/4 cubic foot DI tank with male garden hose threads in and out, filled virgin resin for only $179.


As I mentioned above you only need DI for spot free water. Also your making this sound harder than it really is… when your not satisfied with your results all you do is change the filter/resin depending on the choice of system. The fittings are here:

Not really when you consider time, the most valuable resource you can’t make back. I’ve seen so many people over the years source all the filters and housings then waste hours and hours at the hardware store buying brass parts. What about balancing the RO? Just going to use a garden gate valve?