DIY Softwash Metering System


Any prices on this? Iam setting up a new trailer and need something like this. Cheers Pete Prob better email @ Thank you.



Howdy, I have been scouring the internet for a poly 3/4" viton seal, hastelloy spring check valve and can only find them in 1/2". Can you direct me to a place that I can purchase the 3/4" valve. - Thanks



Those metering ball valves are $100 each so the price ain’t to far off with all the check valves etc


How did the testing go on this home made proportioner?

I have a day off work and just read through every post in this thread… phew time for another coffee.


@JBreezy hasnt been around for a while.


What do you make of the system he developed?

Is it a true step forward for cleaning industry or do most guys just go ahead and use their PW’ers to apply soap and rinse?


Probably will keep not being around for a while.

It is what it is. Right or wrong, it was fun doing all the research and putting everything together. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of the DIY Softwash Metering System, even if things changed and nothing was ever able to come out of it on my end.


I agree, having read the entire post I can see the passion that went into the DIY Softwash Metering System.

It would be nice to see results from the field though to not have wasted all that time and energy.


Where can you get those metering valves for $35
They are $100 each everywhere I see


Where did you get this quote I want to buy the materials


Any updates on this please guys and where to buy the component parts in the UK?


@JBreezy had an inside connection for wholesale pricing with the company he worked for (pricing that any one us would be very hard pressed to secure). Since then, life turned upside down on him, he moved, and IIRC he had to get out of power washing for the time being. But I believe he checks in every now and then.


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Man I feel for you. Good luck.


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Wow, I guess I missed an important part of your story?


Must have lol.


Still selling your metering set ups? Interested in 1" with hatsalloy check valves