DIY Softwash Metering System


did you ever get any test results from tigershark?


Weather has been too bad the past two weeks to really do anything. Will update when i do.


looks like you got the one and only prototype lol

I still have the parts list for the 3/4" hastelloy valve setup. I plan on buying all the pieces when i get my tax return and build it. But for sure keep us posted with your 1inch setup.

also thanks for that wood fence thread you made. really good stuff, answered all of my questions on how to treat would correctly.


hey @tireshark , hows the weather? were you able to try it out yet?


Hey tireshark, have you had a chance to use your blender yet?


Hi, Love this conversation!
Just a question, Is it better to place a larger valve in the middle for straight through rinsing without restriction.
Just curious, you are the experts with this!
Looks like it wont be look before you get it perfect and I will be getting one to try.


You guys know you stuff. Can we have an option for a remote to shut off a solenoids for two lines so we can rinse without returning to the pump?
Maybe a on/off for a booster or whatever pump.
Put that in a box and you are going to sell a shitload.
I’m in and will market it.
China is starting to look good and have free postage


You asked, you got. I have the single, works well. I would order a spare selenoid just to have since you’re a long way.


Sounds good,
I think I have tried to order from you guys for a $100 item and you hit me with $250 freight. We have to sort that!


Waiting on the final outcome of the proportioner. If it looks good we will take that as well. I love your prices but we have to work out freight. Put on a boat, only 7 weeks and saves hundreds in freight. With lead time I,m sure we can work it out.


Have you got a similar remote for the booster pump?


I’m not the maker or distributor. Just gave you a link to where you could buy. For the one to the booster will have to contact The Powerwash Store. Think the one for a booster around $400 but don’t hold me to it. Neither have the others products so you’d have to order separately unless you had a friend on the west coast who could take delivery of both and then ship together. Neither are very big. Could easily go in one box.


Thanks for that Rick,


Just kills us with the shipping. :slight_smile:


Call him. That’s probably just the default. I use to ship 2000 lb skids for that price. Find you a freight forwarder.


Also, try DHL - I just did one online guessing box size and normal rate was right at 1100, but online disc price was $885.


I’ll get my skype account up to scratch and will call. I bought one of those last month from the US and arrived here for about AUD $600. Thats half price to what we can get locally. Love EBAY. :slight_smile:


Any further with testing? I’m really curious to see how things turned out.


I’ve run into some snags along the way, but i have started doing some testing. It’s time consuming to test it like i want, and im busy, so it will be a bit longer. I will make a new thread when I have all the data.


hi mate are you still selling these as a complete kit as im interested in buy one , pricing over here is astronomical for components… could u email me
ATT Mathew… cheers