Dirtiest Drive Ever


Just for something different on here figured I would post up some pics of the dirtiest drive I’ve ever done, which I did yesterday. Feel free to post yours up. Winner gets a free 5 min 1 on 1 marketing consultation from @squidskc. Thanks Brodie

This thing was on a rental house that a property management company I do some work for is getting ready to sell. Whole thing looked like a bad dumpster pad. It’s not mold either, just mainly dirt.



Not a drive but one of the more dirtier jobs I’ve done.



no “before” pictures? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good entry Eric That could be a winner


Yowza that looks like Houston, where you at brother?


West palm beach Florida.


Filthy stuff, I’m jealous. Get at it man!


It’s an everyday thing for me lol


That’s gorgeous stone, I can’t believe people let things go like that.


It’s travertine, it’s all over the place along the water and most of these places are vacation homes that people are only at 2 weeks out of the year.


When do I collect my prize lol.


I dabble in masonry among other things and just feel bad for it lol let me know if you run into anybody needing a house sitter hahahaha


I figured @squidskc would pull something out so he wouldn’t have to pay up, lol. We’ll give it thru the weekend


I honestly don’t think I have any that bad. Worst I’ve seen was a patio with a thick layer of algae but it was maybe 10x15. Lol I’ve got it easy.


Whenever. If you’ve read any of my marketing posts you’ve got all the goods, but I’ll gladly read them to you over the phone. :joy:


I wanna try my hand at this.



I win :slight_smile:
Some of these "drives"get done every month as one of our contracts. When they get really dirty we start with an endloader or Bobcat. #cleanupcrewcleaners


Hey, don’t mean to spam but I have some dirty drives so here is a few more. As always I’ll help you and you can help me.I want to learn from this site and you seem to have some fantastic ideas. Pete Sorry, ones a roof and one is our pig.
We run up to 5800psi, who saw that surface cleaner take off with the operator still attached.
Seriously , if you have a suggestion that saves us 10 minutes a day then that is a lot of hours at the end of the year. Love your work!
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