Dirtiest Drive Ever


Love the pig. What kind of pressure you running cleaning the pebblestone drive? How did you clean that roof, pretty amazing transformation? Great photos.


Pebblestone or exposed aggregate it’s called down here, we usually use about 4200 psi. We run 5.5 gpm machines at the moment. I use BE Pressure Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaners and swear by them. We don’t stuff round with repair kits , we just get a new swivel for about $100 AUD from a place in England. ( They are $250 locally)
They have steel arms and I get a local fabricator to put hard stainless protection for the arms and nozzles. We did 321 driveways last year at one village and wore an arm out completely in 30 hours. With that modification we get over closer to 1000 hours out of an arm.
We have boat ramp cleaning contracts so your running things hot and it is nothing to hit 1" diameter rocks under the water. If I hit a roof screw with them it sounds like running over a bolt with a lawnmower, but it never missed a beat.

That roof.
I haven’t got a softwash setup yet as I haven’t really had the use for it. I run a handpiece with a quick connect acid venturi and then a quick connect and easy to change nozzles so I can do 2% SH to three storeys easy.
That roof was a couple of applications and then just pressure using our favourite power heads. 8 hours including the full building. Hard slog but he was a nice guy!



That’s serious, great job!


That was probably a nice slip n’ slide before you went and ruined it!


…you should have seen the driveway! I should have taken a pic :roll_eyes: still, it’s a nice picture to share :blush:


Now that’s a BeforeAfter picture


I can’t enter because I can’t afford any more of @squidskc 's “suggestions”… just saying.


You can afford this if own a grinder or 4. Life changing. Got one as a gift and I’m gonna order 4 more.

Treat yo self!


Or buy multiple HF grinders? :astonished:


What happened to the trees in the second pic?


I have 5 grinders. Lol. Still life changing. Discs break, flap wheels lose their grit, and wire cups lose their needles.



I was wondering the same thing. But if you notice the window and the mismatched boards are the same.



Well spotted! The trees/shade were the cause of the mould, so they chopped them :+1:t2:


What solution did you use for this?



I stopped cleaning driveways in the fall with tannin stains covering the whole thing. Pretreat and surface cleaning only cleaned it 50%…had to post treat with 6% the entire driveway. I don’t have a 12 volt so had to hit with pump sprayer and took me an extra 30 min. If there’s only a few tannin stains it’s all good but this was bad.


I know what you mean. You can really see it after it’s surface cleaned. Then just a ton of dots everywhere. Oak trees are the worst. I did a driveway about two months ago. Such a drastic difference, it looked great. Had to post treat like you mentioned. A couple days ago I was walking my dog past that house and it looked worse now then it did before bc the concrete was so bright and the tannin staining had already started again. I would have to cut those trees down. I could imagine the mess it tracks inside.