Direct Mail Marketing

Happy Monday.

A direct mail marketing service, SendJim, for example… I understand that 90% will end up in the trash, 30% of the remainder will be rentals and won’t care, 80% of those remainders probably won’t have the money or interest. Does anyone have any of their own results with success rates or analytics of any sort?

Forgive me if there is a topic on this. I have searched for this question and have not been successful.

My initial experience was abysmal. EDDM with full-sized 81/2X11 cardstock netted me well under 1%. I’m still paying for that boondoggle. It becomes a lively discussion that you may enjoy. Good Luck!

I hear that .05 to 2% is average for EDDM.

If you are going to do it again, try running on andriod and putting all your clients into there. You will be able to see your hot spots. I am still waiting on steve at the customer factor to add this functionality.

I would avoid any type of paper advertisement, and instead invest it in Facebook ads. The ROI on those are amazing because you can specifically target your audience to geography, interests, and what they follow. It is very inexpensive and you will get a much more targeted audience rather than junk mail.

Send jim is more marketing to your current customers. Its much cheaper to use usps for you’re eddm. Send jim does come in handy when you’re trying to target a specific neighborhood, or you’re current customers neighbors, or customers with solar panels, etc…

Why not do both?

How do you find the pricing structure for FB adds? I would assume it’s very situational and conditional, but I can’t even find a starting point…

Never mind. I found this write up on Facebook ads. Very informative… the answer to my question is “around $0.58” median

Bing ads man, cheaper, less competition, still 100% targeted, mostly old people use bing.

cheaper than google.