Degreaser on chimney

I got a call for a large house yesterday, she wants the usual done such as concrete and soffits. However her chimney is loaded with algae and what looks like soot…

I’m not really asking about what to use, my issue is the painted deck directly below. I can have someone hose it down thoroughly as I’m x-jetting but could use some advice from someone that has encountered this situation.

She also has wood painted soffits instead of vinyl, really dirty but not sure if I can use SH on those.

BTW those dark spots on the house pic are just shadows, the stone looks decently clean in person.

Yes on the painted wood. Just fyi doing chimneys like that is at least a $75 upsale. Going to take you awhile probably. If it’s a stained deck better have someone standing there rinsing. You’re probably going to need to hit that chimney 3-4 times with about a 5-10 min interval with a strong mix - think 4% or so. But that one not super bad so may not be too terrible.


Scrub brush

I have Southside near me, any preferred degreaser you like? I haven’t needed to use it until this project.

Agreed. Scrub it in, let it dwell, rinse off, then hit it with a strong mix.

Add in some ebc( $133 5 gallons) and you only need a few ounces. Im doing 2 chimneys like this Thursday. Most of them clean up pretty good with just strong bleach but its not a immediate result might take you 30mins reapplying and waiting. Definitely have the wife hosing down that deck.

It’s likely you will not need degreaser. Chimneys are mostly organic. The smoke comes out and goes up, not down as in the picture. It’s probably organic.


Red raider from southside is some really good stuff but I think Harold is right. Higher bleach will take it off.

Sh and if that doesn’t work ebc. Like racer said 4-5%

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Get you a gallon of Red Raider - good stuff. But I just always hit with my roof mix which has roof snot in it.


That’s what I thought too, but I did a house three months ago with similar crud on it and my xjet at 2-3% didn’t phase it. Definitely some sort of combustion byproduct.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll look into the Red Raider if this lady accepts my bid.

On certain brick it will take a hotter mix. I’m no masonry expert but I’ve run into some porous red/white brick that takes 6%+. When I pull up and see it I’m not thrilled to realize I have to hit the entire house with such a hot mix because of the watering that’s necessary. It takes a lot longer. One of the few downsides to quoting without visiting.

Especially the white brick, but the results are amazing.


Ladder and turbo on the chimney

I think what he’s trying to say is, rent a lift and use a red tip. Lol

I mean, throw a ladder up, turbo of the gunk, rinse and move on to the next job

That turbo puts out a lot of force…

Not if you use it correctly. back off and gradually get closer until you get the results you need


You guys yankin’ my chain or can I seriously try to turbo this thing? Years of WC is telling me otherwise.

The side of the chimney may be problematic getting a ladder to it. I’m not brave.:laughing:

I have had pretty good success with thick foam cannon foam, keeping it wet and hitting it with an x-jet at full blast.

Ladder and turbo does a better job though. The turbo and a ladder scares me.

I can’t dedicate more than about five minutes on something like that. Too much to get done and a foam cannon or Xjet on each truck would be to much to keep up with. With employees, keep it simple :slight_smile: