Degreaser for oil stains on driveways/sidewalks


I wouldn’t put a degreaser in my hw mix…

But a caustic diluted then DS will not hurt anything. No need for it though.

Honestly find a local chem supplier. They’ll have better products and knowledge then your big box stores. Usually way cheaper.


You actually landed that job huh? I remember you posting about it. Must of been a year ago. Did you ever actually drive out there or dis you just bid high and hope for the best/ hope to not land it? :joy:


I adore this group, where else can you find non-chemists debating SDS’s???

  1. Caustic soda/sodium hydroxide, is only a problem in high concentrations and if you let it dry. Same as sodium metasilicate.

  2. The higher the pH the better a product will clean, and sodium hydroxide has the highest pH there is. Keep in mind that pH is a tricky thing. If I have 2% or 20% sodium hydroxide, I will get the same pH reading.

  3. Most of the pressure washers I talk to add a caustic cleaner into their house wash mix because it’s bleach compatible and cleans better. These aren’t the people looking for the huge bleach suds, just to clean.


Good info @CaCO3Girl .what degreaser is best for oil stains on concrete? Does purple power have hydroxide ?


For oil stains in on concrete I recommend grounding kitty litter into it with a boot first. Then hitting it with the purple stuff. Mess around with concentrations. You may have to prespot it with full strength.


I agree. This stuff is the best I have used.


This is the best concrete degreaser I have used for oil stains. You can use it on siding as well but, as someone else pointed out, this has caustic in it and can hurt windows and aluminum so be careful with it if you use it for that purpose.


I take it kitty litter is cheaper than speedy dry ? Lol. Same thing really !


Exactly! Kind of like an oven and grill cleaner is the same formula as a caustic foaming coil cleaner…one just costs 50% more :roll_eyes:


So Purple Power has the exact same active ingredient as Gutter Zap?


I don’t know what gutter zap is. But if it’s butyl and caustic and purple it’s likely