Degreaser for oil stains on driveways/sidewalks


I have used the search bar numerous times and mostly I here ebc is go-to . I tried all Sherwin Williams in my area and no luck . I have tried zep purple and orange :tangerine: . Both are pretty decent im leaning more towards the purple if I had to choose a better one. What are all of your favorite degreasers just want see what else some of you use beside ebc before I go ahead and order it . And do any of you use a degreaser in your house wash mix ?Thanks pwra!



I find super clean and purple power to work better than the Zep. Ive never added it to a HW mix though


Do not put degreaser in your hw mix . Most degreasers have caustic soda in them . That stuff will eat aluminum. Most window frames / flashing / trim and many other things are aluminum and can be destroyed by it.


I don’t but I’ve heard of guys putting dragon juice in there HW mix . But I think that’s more mild. Any just seeing what everyone’s plays we’re . Thank you everyone!


@bluewave18ft Theres 2 which purple power you use purple power concrete and driveway or cleaner/degreaser ? Lol I wish there was just one for everything


Ive never seen one labeled for concrete and driveway. Only the greaser. I bet they are the same thing


@blue wave I just look at both of there sds sheets and check it out


@bluewave18ft purple power concrete and driveway looks more powerful


Now I just looked zep.also.makes a concrete and masonry cleaner . I wonder if its better than purple and orange lol has anyone ever tried this stuff


Mine doesn’t specify concrete but has sodium hydroxide in it


This is interesting.


I had to downstream purple power to get cornstarch off of some houses and rinsed… and rinsed… and rinsed… It worked awesome to clean the house, but like mentioned above don’t let it stay there.


Lol cornstarch off houses lmao . Just sounds hilarious . What type of houses were they @squidskc


Vinyl houses. Silo elevator overflowed on a windy wet day. The houses had a sand paper texture on everything. The windows looked like they were frosted on the side they were hit directly. Lol


That’s epic . You just downstream purple power and rinsed a ton and viola?


Had to hand scrub some of it with purple Power diluted 50/50, but most of 3 sides of each house was just down streamed.


Im sure it was s disaster LMAO but such an epic story cornstarch all over houses hahah


Thanks @bluewave18ft just what I was looking for


I like that it gave a grease and an oil rating. I’ve never thought simple green was worth a damn for oil in comparison to purple power or super clean. Working on engines a lot in the past I used it once and went back to super clean to clean parts and tools