Deck washing price

I’m looking for some price ranges on wood cleaning. Currently I’m charging .20c per sqft for wooden fences. If it’s 6’ then it would be 1.20 per linear foot.

What do you charge for:



And variables such as hand rails

Only cleaning. Not staining or finishing. Just prep for another company.

I’m trying to quote a 5,000sqft deck


I’m thinking about .20c per sqft for the deck

Edit: after seeing the pictures. This is way too low

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image image image image

min is $120 for decks… after that I just eye it. I hate doing wood so im usually near 40-50 cents per foot (Spindles/hand rails included.) If its a total of 5,000 sq ft, I’d be atleast $1800. That’s alot of SH, Acid, and pressure washing.


When you as apply acid to wood how do you protect the home? Vinyl, wood, dryvit and brick? Painted etc. Any different?

I hate wood with a passion after taking on a fence cleaning job for a community. If i ever do it again the price is going up.
If its a multi day project i charged by the day, then add material cost. So much easier then trying to measure everything, in terms of cleaning. If you where staining then you most definitely want to know how many gallons of stain you wold need. Just look at it guess how far you can get in a day then add a day or two for complications.


Man, that’s a LOT of railing! I don’t envy you on that one!

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That 2d story railing will suck a lot of time, actually any railing does. If you are looking at cleaning over the water you best have your ducks in a row with regards to chemicals etc. I won’t clean one like that unless I am staining it too. Cleaning and staining is $4.00 per sq ft and up and railing is $4.00 per linear foot. Fence is .70 and up per sq ft to clean and stain.


I am close with @MDA1775

Fence up to 6 ’ - clean = $1.75 liner ft, stain is $2.00 linear ft and clean and stain combo is $3.50 linear ft.
Fence 6-10’ - clean = $2.75 linear ft, stain is $3.30 linear ft and clean and stain combo is $5.80 linear ft

Decks/railing/pergolas, etc - I generally quote these by visual. How long do I think it going to take, plus what is the sq ft, condition, what type of stain or sealer is on it, what do they want to put on it after cleaning if anything? Base price starts at $1.90 sqft clean, $2.00 st ft to stain and it goes up from there based on the BS factor involved with the job.


@Harold @Grizz - Here you go guys - make sure figure all your footage when doing decks.


“Extremely hard to please customer”…Love it…I assume you are not giving this sheet to your customers are you?

Maybe I should start. But I usually do go thru with them on a big job how the sq. footage is calculated.

Harold and I had talked about the project he posted above and Grizz helped me on cleaning a deck yesterday and thought I may have charged too much until after we were finished. Being the nice guy I am, I let him do about 70% of the wand work, lol.


Lol. Thanks Rick. Just saved this document. I did put in a bid on the job and discussed all of the issues you and I talked about. It was pretty high. Part of me wants the job, the other 70% hopes I don’t get it. My back will be killing me at 1/4 completion.

You’re a braver man than I.

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If it was any other customer I would have turned it down. I’m comfortable that I’ll get the job done with good results. It’s just going to be a long and tedious job. I discussed the over the water issue and set expectations accordingly. Plus and this is the most important part. I’m hard headed.

I do appreciate the help on pricing(& everything else). I would have been too low without it. I would have priced myself right into a bad week.

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LOL, I can relate to that. Good luck. Can’t wait to see the results.

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Do you actually charge for moving items on and off the deck? How do you guys go about that when things need to be pulled away from the house when washing?

I just tell them to move it or there will be an extra charge depending on how much. If they’re elderly, disabled, or single women I’ll move it on a situational basis.


Thanks rick!!!

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I pulled this off the notes of a deck I did this summer. It was a little over 7800.00.

NOTES: The estimate is for cleaning and staining the entire wooden deck (1622 sq ft) 4.00 per sq ft, 117 linear feet of railing 4.00 per linear foot and 145 linear feet of 2’ wide benches 3.00 per square foot . This includes hand sanding rails and where needed spindles to remove splinters and old paint. It includes sanding the deck suface as needed to remove splinters. It will not remove deep grooves from furniture etc. but will minimize sharp edges. Cleaning the deck, benches and spindles using a solution that will kill the mold growing on the wood but not harm bordering vegetation or irritate golfers. Pressure washing it away using low pressure to minimize over spray and damage to the wood surrounding area. It includes low pressure non-caustic rinse of clubhouse and awning behind and over the wooden deck. This will brighten the overall appearance of the property. Stain to be used is Wood Defender Universal Deck Stain. Worn adhesive non-skid on steps will be replaced with similar material.

They were very happy with the results. I used sodium precarbonate and potassium hydroxide to spot clean where there had been BBQ grills on different spots over the years. PW was really only used to rinse since I scrubbed the entire deck with the precarb mix. I had about 3.5 days in it.