Deck washing price


What was your percobonate mix ratio?


Two cups per gallon, mix with hot water and apply applied with a pump up sprayer. Pre-wet the wood and apply, dwell as needed, do it in sections, scrub with the grain. I like the black Quikie brushes, they are about 8 dollars with handle. I had almost no furring.


Thanks. I’ve been using dsr-49. 16.50 for 4lbs. Do you use raw chemicals or a product?

Also, every time I mix this stuff in the morning before I leave it foams over out of the bucket and makes a mess. I read that this chemical should be used within 6rs. Has this been you experience?


This one?



I’ve never used DSR-49. I use powdered percarbonate. I use DSR-50 Potassium Hydroxide as a degreaser.