Cub Cadet Snow Blower


I’m in the market for a new snow blower and was considering Cub Cadet as one of the choices. Do any of you guys have experience with that brand?

There are two I was considering.


I havent decided who to buy from yet. These are just links to the choices. If you know of any other brands that you prefer, let me know why.



Honda is king, hands down. Probably followed by Ariens.

I believe cub cadet is made by the same people who make the sears craftsman machines, along with a bunch of other big box brands. Ok stuff for the first few years.

Toro is ok, from what I’ve heard.

Edit: just followed your links. Holy snowcone, batman. If you’re going to drop that amount of dough on a machine, definitely go for a Honda. It’s worth it.

And I’ve read that the “3 stage” is kind of a pointless gimmick.


Why do you want to blow snow on a house or drive? How’s that help clean it? Must be a northern thing, lol.


I’ll point it at the grouchy neighbors driveway!

Edit: Oops. This was a reply to @Racer


The Pro models seemed heavier duty. I’m not stuck on Cub Cadet. I just saw a few good videos of the 3 stage ones busting through a 2 ft ice and snow bank at the end of a driveway. Of course not solid ice but the tough wet stuff the plows leave.

My driveway is about 60’ long and on a hill so the bottom always gets a high drift thats hard to shovel by hand.

I’ll look at both of those brands.

Concerning price, I was going to buy one for about $1200 but then I came across those. 600 or so more and I was considering the upgrade.

I will store it out behind the old stable which is up 2 single steps and over a granite path. It’s about 150’ to the top of the driveway. I know the tracks would climb the steps easier or I’ll have to spin the machine and walk up the steps backwards.


Where are you located?


Just bought the Honda last year. What a beast !!!


Or weld up a plow mount for your golf cart and put some chains on the tires. Does just fine for our Wisconsin winters.


Just outside of Philly.


What model did you get?


I love it, but I’d first have to get a golf cart.



And I got the 928 track model without electric start.


Im in VA, on the coast… never seen a snowblower until i bought one last year. I got the single stage Honda. It was worth it weight in gold last year when we got over a foot. It was snow i have never seen.

I dont think i wud stray from the honda name. Small engines is what they are good at.


The Hydrostatic drive is insane … Love it !


A friend of mine says the single stage is just as good as the 2 Stage, before I bought this one he was telling me I wouldnt he disappointed with the single. He has both, but the hydrostatic drive alone makes me happy I decided to go 2 stage


Apples and oranges. Sometimes the single stage is better. Sometimes it’s completely useless. And occasionally I break out the single stage machines when the Honda becomes hopelessly clogged with slush. I’m quite glad I have my little Toro’s for backup duty and smaller storms. But I can’t imagine life without the Beast.


You have a Toro single stage ? I would assume Honda is better , either way glad I went with the beast


Two. They’re used machines off craigslist. Very many to choose from. One is 16” and the other is 21”. They’re both 2-stroke motors, dead simple to run.

I was recommended the Toro single stage blowers by David Carroll @Lsmain back when I first got into snow removal.


For the price why not just hire a plow company?

Sometimes cheaper to hire someone. I hire a plow guy and a lawn guy…, solely on because it’s actually cheaper in the long run.

$400 for the season ( 20 plows)

That’s three years of someone else plowing my drive instead of buying a nice snowblower

I have a 2 acre lawn and have blown up three cheap riders in two seasons . Lawn guy last year cost $800 for the entire season. I need a nice commercial zero turn ($ 5,000)). Or I can just hire him for the next 6 years and not worry about it