Cub Cadet Snow Blower


Wow. $400 for 20 plows? Where do you live? Sign me up for that.

Here they get $150 or so for 2 inches and it goes up by the inch. Kind of expensive if you ask me.

One guy quoted me $125 for 2" and $15 an inch over that. Snow drifts and snow plow piles are extra to break up.

They charge extra if anything has to be shoveled because they cant plow it fully.


$120 a plow? Hmm you must of misunderstood
The quote or I don’t know where you live lol

I’m in MI, single plow is usually $30…

Seasonal usually Avg right around $20 a plow


Your talking residential driveway correct?


Do they do $99 house washes?! :zipper_mouth_face:


I’m near Philly. I didnt misunderstand it. They are just expensive here. Yes, it is residential.

Another guy sent me this:

These are 2016/2017 prices and they said they were going up a little.


Lol. House washes are around $250-350 to start here.


It takes 5 minutes to do a driveway… not an hour.

I think you did misunderstand it.

At those rates it would be like $15 per plow lol


Where’s Schertz when you need him?!


No. I talked to a few guys since this post and that’s the local deal. My driveway is worst case scenario because there is a carport at the top and no place to push the snow to. They have to turn off 6 feet before because of a stone wall. That’s hand shoveling. I didnt even mention that to any of them. They get $$ in their eyes for snow up here. I cant imagine what they charge for commercial.


No doubt.

I want to plow next winter and am looking at trucks that can do both jobs.