Crimping ends on pressure hose

OK. This brand new cramp that another hydraulic shop put on the hose companies hose blew again today. It only happens with hot water. The crimps are not penetrating the wire only the rubber casing so it warms up and slips off… is there any crimps that penetrate the metal so it stays on? Or is it not meant to attach to the metal so it protects the interior hose tube?

I would just replace the hose but the thing is, the hose is amazing. It’s just these ends won’t stay on. If I have to crimp ends on once a month or whatever I’m fine with that vs paying a shop triple what it would cost me. I know there are no manual crimp machines that can handle the pressure of the hose for our application, but i’m willing to get a real hydraulic system to do my own crimps since it will be used long term.

The main question of this post is, do you guys have any recommendations for a machine that won’t break the bank but gets the job done for crimping hoses? Any recommendations for brand fittings that you know will stay on and grips the metal if that’s a thing? Thanks guys

If you want a better crimp fitting you need bite to wire crimp fittings. However, using random crimp fittings expecting them to work with every hydraulic hose out there is a pipe dream. They are very specific and the tolerances are not forgiving. Use the reusable field fittings and be done with it.

I zoomed in on the pic and that is a bite to wire crimp. You see what I mean now?

I worked in that business for many years. Hose ends are designed for a specific hose and are crimped to an exact specification. Many years ago Parker advertised a fitting that “bit” into the cover, you may try calling a Parker distributor. The only other possible solution is skiving the hose. Skiving removes the outer cover and is commonly used in spiral braid hose, you probably have braided hose. If you skive the hose you may be able to use either a crimp on end or a reusable one. If you have a good hydraulic company in town take your hose in and ask for possible solutions but know this, they will not in any way warrant or guarantee it won’t come uncoupled, all the risk will be yours. If you tell them that they may be more apt to try to help you. Good luck.

I see what you mean. I found this with a quick search.

Are there any specific brand or fittings you would recommend? I’m totally okay with using these reusable fittings if when one blows I can simply repair it right there on site in a short time versus having to go to a hydraulic shop in my off time and take all the hose off the reel then put it all back on when they are done with it.

It doesn’t show any signs of bite marks in the hose. Just the casing being ripped apart

The hose Company does use braided hose. I have one wire just wish these crimps would bite in the metal.

No recommendation, all are good, some are better than others depending on application. That’s the type of fitting but it may not be what you need. Unfortunately this isn’t the kind of thing you can shop online. You may buy something and get lucky but your best bet is find a good hose house and take it there. Also remember however much effort you put into this may go by the wayside if/when that hose wears out. Do you specifically like that hose or what’s the detail?

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Yes. The hose is great. It’s light and the casing is durable more than others and smooth so it drags much easier. I’ve had other hoses burst in the past but this one hasn’t yet, just the fittings won’t stick. Probably due to the smooth casing but that’s in theory

Yes, I only use the Parker 42 series no-skive fitting. They are cheapest at Kleen-Rite


My The Hose Company hose fitting blew off on the gun end. I used a field repair fitting and got about 4 hours out of it before the same thing happened again. I believe the brand of fitting was Gates. I might try the Parker that Dez recommended. No wonder they stopped selling hose direct to customers and got a distributor. They don’t want to have to deal with all the complaints of fittings not staying on. I wish I wouldve done some testing before mentioning The Hose Company on here to everyone. Cold water guys don’t seem to be having issues tho.


Hoses are designed to work within a prescribed temperature range, some true steam hoses use a reusable end that allows and requires ongoing retightening. Check your hose temperature range. If you use the prescribed hose end in the temperature range you will get the best service. I mentioned steam hose because of the obvious expansion from the heat, that seems to be what’s going on.

Best way to buy a competitive hose is by getting a hose with the same SAE number. “Normal” 2 wire braid hydraulic hose is SAE 100 AT.

What brand of hose is it or what manufacturer/part number??

You actually mean 100R2AT

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I got my suttner hose crimped at a parker distributor. They did mention my hose is slightly smaller, but so far so good. I use it on Cold water only.

Hose says rated to 311 degrees. All three times it blew it was only set to 200. Again, the hose didn’t blow, the end slipped off and im blaming the crimp 100% because it’s just not biting into the metal.

Before I purchase a few, just want to double check a few things as doing my own crimps is new to me. I don’t have to remove the casing, I can just cut the crimp end even then connect the crimp right ? And if it slips off I can just put it back on right? Probably have to cut an inch or two off the end again to get a fresh casing prior to reattaching right?

Yes, you should also back off the collar a smidge, lube the stem and the tube with liquid wrench and don’t go nuts when seating the stem against the collar as it won’t take the torque.

Also use the thin 3" cutoff wheel to not make too much heat

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@DJPWS I’ve been using this one on hoses for over 17 years

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Okay so cut the end flat, put the crimp on all the way with lube, pull it back some, tighten down but not crazy. Got it. I appreciate all the help

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I fixed it for you…so cut the end flat, put the crimp on all the way and pull it back some when it bottoms out then spray lube inside the tube and tighten down but not crazy.

Just cause it sounded like you would lube the outside of the hose cover before using the collar

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I dont know but I ask John the hydraulic dude to put just a tad more PSI on it when crimping, And he does it
twice. The napa guys suck at it btw


Thank you I appreciate it big time