Contraption to hook up to water hydrant?


What’s the contraption to hook up to the water hydrant and fill water tanks and I’ve seen them even reduce down to connect to a water hose?


Depends on your back flow preventer. I’ve used ones that go to traditional fire hose threads and some in another city that goes down to 2in.

For fire hose thread buy an adapter from fire hose (I believe it’s 2.5 in) down to 2in.

From there do whatever you want with it…reduce down to 3/4 GHT or stay at 2in if your refilling tanks.

Or go straight to GHT.

Find out what threads your backflow preventer will have then you’ll know the best route…and if you plan on running a buffer off a hydrant or using it to refill tanks .


Are you speaking about a mobile hydrant meter with a back flow preventer?


When you use a back flow preventer are you still filling your tank through your float valve?


I personally don’t use a float valve.

350 gallon buffer and just keep an eye on it.


If your talking about the backflow preventer/meter contact your local water authority and talk to them. They’d be the one to give you permission and in most cases charge you a fee to use there backflow preventer with a meter.

You may have to call 5 times before you reach the right person


Ok. I was wondering if the force of water from hydrant was enough to break my hudson float valve. My tank is in an enclosed trailer. Watching it would be a pain.


I think it would be fine, especially after being sized down to 3/4 and a few hundred feet of hose


No way, I fill my giant 10k gal tanker off a hydrant at times, and the pressure behind that would destroy a float valve, prolly convert it to dust! Unless of course you set the hydrant to a drip maybe ? Lol


Your filling from a 2 in hose though…

When you go down to 3/4 and then to a hundred feet of garden hose the pressure goes way down. Just used one last week…and my outlet for my sprinkler system at my house puts out the same amount of water and pressure.

Yes you can run a float valve from a hydrant …many people on here do it.


I beleive you ! I just cant fathom it at the moment lol. Those hydrants put out so much pressure and volume its bananas lol.


And were talking city hydrants right ? Like the ones the fire engines pump from ? Haha


The hydrant I load my big 10k tank with, fills the tank in like 10 minutes. Haha


Imagine using this beast to do roofing and stuff with haha.


Could be.? Is that the system for filling your tank from a water hydrant?I’ve even seen people have it reduced down to fit a normal water hose.


What do you do for work?


What you’re seeing that’s violent is the flow (GPM). A water main hydrant has just about the same pressure as your toilet, maybe 60-75 psi more


Here you go


Hydrants can be well over 100psi all depends on location . You can reduce this pressure the same way the engineers do by using smaller diameter pipe in our case hose . It will still be high at the meter but lower at the discharge end.


Water sales lol