Condo Estimate

I’m looking for some advice on how to quote this job. I’ve only ever done residential work but just got this opportunity to wash this set of condos. I’ve got a 5.5 gpm and am gonna have a guy helping. They’re looking for a couple quotes. The rear of the large buildings , the front of the back building, and the 2 sides closest to the roads are the worst of it so they definitely want that done. They’re looking for a number on just those areas as well as the whole thing. Any advice is appreciated

Easy money. Are you washing the whole structures or just the areas mentioned? How much are the housewashes on average 2 story where your area is?

I’ve seen pricing across the whole spectrum. This thread might give you a little perspective on that:

Personally, I’ll be doing a condo association later this month for about $72/unit (siding wash only). I honestly think I underpriced it for my area. But I really wanted the job/experience.

If the whole structures are in the budget they’d like them done as well, I’m not sure how much they’re working with. For an average 2 story 2000-2400 sq foot house in my area i charge around 325-375. I’d like to give low enough of a number for them to agree for everything done this year. In my head for the areas mention id say I should be at around $1100. and for all sides of the buildings be at $125 per unit x 17 so 2150. Let me know how that sounds/ what you guys would be at. Thanks

With the garages, and the small size of the development, $125/unit sounds reasonable. I might actually shoot a little higher, towards $3000 total. I don’t think I’d probably get it all done in one day, and I like to hit at least $1500/day for commercial projects.

In Nashville I did several of these. I figured how long it would take and charged my hourly or daily rate. Looks like 2 days @ $1350.

These areas really stink if the wind is wrong.

We don’t even try to spray those from the ground. That’s five minutes a building with a pump sprayer of bleach and no need to rinse


I might just have an aneurysm… :exploding_head:

So I take it you walk the roofs to get to those setbacks?

Yes, put up the ladder and walk the roof. Usually only have to do that about every third year. Bear in mind, I’ve cleaned some properties every year for 20 years. Some twice a year. It only takes a few minutes. I usually do it because I don’t need a tether and harness but the guys do.


What safety system are you using for your crew?

@Innocentbystander does a lot of complexes and has posted here. @Racer had a real nice write up on doing one as well. I haven’t done any, I just know who I would contact if I had questions and what to read.

That would only suck if your pushing with 4gpms. 5-8 gpms with a 7 ft lance will bang that out with zero issues, wind or not. We keep 7ft lances on our trucks with a quick connect for this exact situation. Even a 6ft would be fine.

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Like this one?
7 foot lance, 8 gpm, still a pain in bad wind.

I don’t see how guys wash right on the coasts. I despise wind. Way back when I first used an Xjet, complaints from overspray on neighborhood cars made me stop quick

DS’ing keeps a tighter pattern than an Xjet, but wind sucks.

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Winds here are 15+ after 1pm usually so I keep that in mind before I start.

This actually popped up on my feed today from 6 years ago at the coast. Have washed these about 15 times with my feet on the ground. This time the water would go a foot or of the nozzle and turn left or right. Huge wind gusts. Had to get a lift to spray over 5 feet in the air lol

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8gpm stream getting bent in 5 feet lol. It was 30+ all day…

Yeah, that would drive me nuts.