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I live in an Ocean resort area and have been doing a lot of homes. I bought a Whisper Jet and been doing a lot of concrete driveways. I would like to start going after some of the concrete work at the numerous hotels. Is there a better mix than my normal house mix? Also how do you clean gum that is attached to the concrete? Thanks in advance for any help!

You must have hot water to effectively remove gum most stuff will come off with a little extra work with cold water but if you do not have hot you will never get all the gum residue off

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Dealing with Gum, Hot water is a MUST! Also doing work in the commercial sector you will have to watch out for wash water runoff especially if your going to deal with strong chemicals.

I agree with John hot water is a must and you do not want the headache of letting the waste down a drain.

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Hotter the better. When looking for a machine, pay close attention to the BTU’s of the boilers. Everyone has the same engine and pumps, but the boilers is where sometimes costs are cut to give you that best deal feeling.

Try to get at least 110,000 BTU’s for every Gallon output. So thats about 660,000 btu per 6 gpm unit. You will be happy you did.


Dealing with run-off is a major concern, but it also is BIG Bucks.

We just landed a garage at 34 cents a sq ft. because of reclaim and filtration.

In my Parking garage class next month we will be weeding out the bullshizz like the post above that really is aimed at contractors to buy overpriced equipment they will never need.



LOL…I was wondering how long it would take you to respond!

Where is your class gonna be held?

At the PWNA Convention in beautiful Charleston SC Nov 17-19. My class is only & 1.5hrs long so I’ll be going over how to clean a parking garage, how to get a parking garage, the bare minimum in equipment needed for parking garage cleaning and realistic pricing to make you competitive when bidding on them amongst other topics I’ll be discussing. 34cents a sq’ will get you nowhere except in the poorhouse because you’ll get no jobs.

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As far as 34 cents…

You once said to me, “SHOW ME THE MONEY”. The proof is in the assets… according to you…and I 100% agree !

You imply John that no one can get those prices because you don’t know how ?

So you are calling contractors like George Podell, Jim Cooney, and many others liars ? WOW, and you want to teach others how to make 2-8 cents a foot because that’s what you know how to do…

For example, you made $16,000 bragging about how much you made off a 800,000 sq ft garage from your Property Manager whereas other, more seasoned contractors would charge 150k to 220k and get it !

I know of allot more contractors who do not write on these boards who are making 6 figure on their garages. All you have to do is look at their homes and equipment to see who they are…

So I started wondering if what everything John T says is true ? . . .

I mean, after all, I have been getting top pricing for almost 25 years. As far as my other colleagues, I see then getting over 43 cents a foot making an average of over 80-130k for doing garages, but I must admit, to date, I have never been able to reach the 110k for a single garage.

John T also made a valid point about the location of these garages. I too also wondered if these prices were only in a selected areas of the country. The areas like Ohio, New York, California, some parts of Florida, Louisiana, Kansas City, Arizona and so on. ALL of these states have contractors who I talk with monthly. They tell me and show me how they are making well over the 24 cent mark for cleaning Parking Structures.

So I thought, could John T be correct this time? Is it just my area and other select areas like mine where you can only make 30 to 50k in a weekend ?

So I personally went outside the State of California to prove to Myself, John T and his followers that if you believe your worth 2 cents a foot, then that what you will make…2 cents. But if you now how to sell…if you believe you are worth 34 cents a foot, then that’s what you will make. The trick is how to go about in doing it.

So I took the challenge and I went out to look for an RFP outside my state. I wanted an area that was cheaper than my location to do business, to see home prices along with the cost of living prices lower than the City of San Francisco. It took awhile to find a city that was close enough to my location but had the criteria we were looking for to prove my point.

I choose to do an RFP issued by a Government Agency in Oregon so that way, it would be public information…NO BS ABOUT PRICING.

You guys might remember me going alone on a road trip a few months ago up to Oregon in that new G80 I bought for my wife as a birthday present? That’s the reason why I went up there. I even saw my fellow contractors up there. Beautiful Country. Wife and I are thinking about buying another summer home there.

Over 12 contractors were there to bid on the Parking Garage Cleaning contract.

I was the most expensive by far at $17,000+ higher than the next bid and 35k higher than the lowerest bid.

Guess what John . . . . We won that contract. So again I proved my point. By preaching to your fellow contractors about selling their services for low ball wages, you are lowering the bar.

It’s almost like you are upset that no one taught you how to do this. I don’t remember how many times you have asked me to show you the tricks of the trade in selling because no one ever taught you how to do that. I believe that maybe you are upset and therefore are on a mission in life to teach others not to believe that they too can make good money by raising your preset bar. You setting the bar based on lower pricing is what hurts our industry. Because of certain prominent Cowboys on these forums telling everyone, it is not possible or its only because of your in a certain area of the country is simply untrue. Because you cannot make that kind of money, you seem to not want others not to make it as well. I see you in a soccer game calling foul as we pass right by you for the goal.

So let us look at the next statement you mention… Can you starve bidding too high?

Sure you can. But on the same token, you can work you ass off while going bankrupt at the same time. It really depends on your selling techniques, your equipment and your ability to give the customer that “perceived value”.

But by positioning your company to survive by going to Property Managers like you do John, well, you will never make that 34 cents a SQ foot. You see, these PM ( Not all) are the ones going to their customer with the perceived value while all that time, standing on top of your back as you do the heavy lifting. In most cases, no one will NEVER get top dollar by going through most PM. And the PM that is willing to pay 5 or 12 cents, well those are few and far between as you stated in your post when you landed your current PM of which you posted in the thread above on PWRA of which I quote " We get in the neighborhood of 5-12 cents a square. The more square footage we get closer to the 5 cents ( It will be)."

John, I choose to work less and make more and not the other way around. I never liked the Wal-Mart approach of doing business. You will work like a dog for scrap wages in most cases. By the time you pay for repairs, new equipment because you just wore your equipment out, rusted bolts, trucks that are going on 25 years old with 3-400 thousand miles on them and so much more… to me… well, I 'd rather do something else.

The Professional Washing Network That you wanted so badly to be a part of is coming online. I am going to give back to the industry that has been so good to me.

The Quote I referred to from John T was made on July 12th and is located here on PWRA, however, they are much more that I screen shot where he was quoted as making as little as 2 cents a foot for his larger garages, but do not know how to post it here on PWRA.

The thread is called:

“Advice needed for pricing a parking garage, and what chemicals to use”

You will find the thread in the residential section of PWRA.

I also made a screenshot of the quote as well for my records.

Way to go john. Its like saying Beetlejuice 3 times lol. Now he’s back.


Jim has been vetted by many & is the reason he’s banned in most areas including all the main FB Powerwash groups & all Industry organizations. If anyone wants to believe Jim when he tells people he gets upwards to 98 cents a sq’ now for cleaning parking garages 100,000sq’ & up well good luck with that.

My class next month will be on message and truthful for anyone who is considering on learning about parking garage cleaning plain & simple.

I remember when he called me when we were trying to collect money for him to get to a trade show. Wow. Good times lol

2yrs ago in Texas I had to buy Jim lunch because he had no money or a valid credit card. I try to help help contractors like him all the time but once they start lying like Jim does I cut my hands clean of them.

Thad should ban Jim here like every other bulletin board has.

Nah, it’s good entertainment

Lol, ya I remember that…they did not take American Express or credit cards at that Mexican restaurant and all I had was $60.00. I did have an ATM, but I never used it and the fee was $10 and I felt I was being robbed. I really did not expect to be paying for your meal which you order a few beers and a $22 meal but I guess I had too since you did not bring your wallet. You played Robert and me that day by wanting us to pay for you.

Then we went out again with Robert and you posted how you was going to buy us a Steak Dinner this time since Robert and I paid for meals the 4 days you was there. Even took pictures. When the bill came, you had Robert pay.

But you later paid for a Family special serving Fried Chicken Steak Dinner for 6 that cost you a whopping $42.00 for Robert, Sharon, Gale and myself. Oh, wait I had to pay for parking and Robert paid for the gas.

ASK Robert Hinderliter who paid for you time and time again.

But this is not about meals…this subject is about you teaching those on how to make 5- 8 cents a foot with reclaim.

I on that other hand, do have documentation on making over 34 cents on an RFP for a Government Contract with over 12 contractors ready to bid on the Parking Garage Cleaning. You do not have one of those.

Do you have one of those John T ?

Gosh, your sounding so much Like Hillary Clinton and here Email Scandals.

He we go. Strap in in boys, this ride ususlly gets bumpy lol

Scott Stone taught Jim how to reclaim back in 2010 and they have the video to prove it. Its clear he doesn’t know how to clean a garage yet and his pricing of almost a $1 a sq’ that he told others he gets is purely delusional at best.
Jim needs to go to my garage class to learn but the org I’m doing this for has banned Jim for life because of spreading lies all the time.

Jim is clearly very medicated when he posts which is why because of that & his lies about so many people have him banned from all 3 orgs and most other area’s. You just can’t help a person like Jim who won’t even help himself but in my case I did try to help him. Now I turn my back to him & just let his bans rack up.