Composite Deck

I think I’m getting the hang of composite decks. Lots of SH. I hit this 3 times, but it came out pretty sweet. I love when the sun comes out just in time for the “after” pic.

Is there anything that can be done about the white fuzz?


It looks to me that is part of the original decking, check HD or Lowes for the material, if I remember right that is what it looks like. Just my opinion. I’am sure I will get blasted for it.

Looks like a professional did this job. Way to go.

I once left a surface cleaner too long on one spot on a composite deck and left crop circles.

Nice job on the deck. I am getting ready to do my first composite deck clean. its similar in size to the one you show here. Any tips would be appreciated. Did you use round surface cleaner or nozzle. If you used nozzle, what tip? Thanks

Let the SH do the work. If you have to go full strength 12.5% with a pump sprayer, don’t be shy with that stuff! I just used the 2510 tip in my jrod, so not much pressure at all. It’s kind of weird. First time I applied the SH, it lightened up, but then when I hit it with the wand, it actually got darker. I hit it 3 times to get uniform clean look. Wet down the bushes, tie them back, and throw a canvas tarp over them.

Don’t use a surface cleaner on composite deck.


Thanks for the tips. Ill give it a go. I usually stray away from decks just bc of the time they take and all the variables that come with them but my customer really wanted it done so I told him since it wasn’t wood I would clean it!!

I shot a video doing one the other day. I’ll try to get posted tonight.

One of todays jobs. Came out good & only took about 40mins


Looks good! That was some serious greenery. What was your approach?

Looks good…I hate composite decks, especially the older ones. Safe haven for mold growth. We just did 61 composite decks last week in a condo community…at number 30 I started to re think my life choices



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Hit it with a 4% mix in pump sprayer. No prewetting . Let dwell for about a minute & came right off.

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Told the owner it was going to make some killer before/after pictures though

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I hate wood decks. During peak season (right now) I won’t do wood decks. Not worth spending hours doing floors, spindles and railings for hours when my guy can do 2 houses.
I like composite. Super easy to clean but I hate 1st generation Trex decks. Horrible to clean and will color lighten significantly. Plus they’re old and customers usually beat the hell out them with their power washers over the years.

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Did you find the video to post? I may have overlooked it.

Please do post video Rick. Inquiring minds want to know.

I do maybe 3 a year. And that’s because we’ve got a hole on the calendar. Other than that I won’t do them. I have a deep, deep hatred for wood decks.

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Ok guys, video posted under new topic - Trex Composite Type Deck Cleaning

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A customer used a ryobi surface cleaner on there deck and left circular marks, asked if i could remlve them, do i neee to clean the whole deck for him again? or can I blend it.