Commercial Ornamental Concrete and Brick

I am in the process of creating a quote for a building complex. I have several granite retaining walls, a lot of cement curbstone and the buildings are brick and this sort of ornate trim. They appear green but also have this orange-like hue to them. My approach was to hit it with SH - start with around 2% and then strengthen as needed. Do you think the SH will have any effect on these orange stains or should I be prepared with something else I could downstream? I can’t tell if it’s rust or GA clay and have a short runway if they decide to use me for the job. (Combined, it’s two building complexes ~34,000 each and they want the work done in the next couple of weeks)

Any thoughts come to mind about how you would approach this? What would you be prepared to try besides SH? (I was thinking OneRestore perhaps, but would probably need something downstreamable as the concrete section is about 30’ off the ground)

I also have what I have name the “ghostbusters wall” which is pretty disgusting - it’s actually foaming kind of a white frothy bubbly secretion in spots. It’s right near some office windows so the tenants want it cleaned for when they decide to open the windows (when it gets back above chilly) - I’m thinking I’m gonna hit that with about 3% SH wearing PPE - it’s really gross!

Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts about this post. I’m trying to understand what I should be prepared for with the orange stains on the concrete trim if anyone has had any similar experiences. I’d appreciate any input anyone has. I’m praying that it’s not a result of sealer as I’m not sure how I would go about removing large volumes of sealer in order to clean…

Me, I would turbo that wall. Anything left after could be treated with some other chem.

I won’t give you my .02 on the limestone looking stone with the orange on it. I think someone may have cleaned it before.