Commercial Building 15000 sq. ft

I am currently in the preliminary phase of submission of a quote with almost guaranteed potential of being awarded the bid.

The attached picture show the building. There are three questions?

  1. What is this black stain on the wall?

  2. What would you submit as a bid on the building only?

  3. What’s your geographic location?

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Questions 1 and 2 you need to answer. 3. East Coast from VA to FL

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I have an idea but am just trying to consult with the experts on the stain. I know what I submitted. I just want to better understand what other regions may be like in terms of pricing.

I appreciate your response @Innocentbystander thanks for your contribution.

You need to do some test spots. Any one that tried to answer your questions would just be guessing. Bring some SH and a good degreeser and start testing you need to figure out if it’s organic or some sort of pollutant from what ever that place is used for . Then you can move on to questions


Btw that textured block is like a million little shelf’s it often needs to be cleaned with a wand and a little pressure for good results. Just spraying on some SH doesn’t always get it cleaned

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The building is a meat processing plant in the middle of a field with very few trees around it. There are no foreign chemical disposed of around the plant Those stains should be purely organic.

You might want to check and see if you can even use bleach on there property. They may have concerns about cross contamination

How were you able to submit a bid, if you didn’t know what the black stains on the wall were?


No snarkiness implied, but purely a genuine question. How long have you been doing this?

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15 plus years on the side.

That’s simple old organic algae/mildew.

Easy stuff. If it’s not I’d probably fall out of my chair.

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There doesn’t have to be many commercial buildings have blacktop roofs and the walls are the gutters. If that’s the case it’s not organic it’s Tar and you will need a really good degreaser and high pressure to get it off. Heat would be helpful . Again it’s all speculation until you go test it . But first I would make sure any chemicals you use are approved by the company or you may find yourself and the meat processing plant in a world of trouble. This is how national recalls happen

Lets just be real about it. You know just by looking at a job what it will cost you to get it done and how long it will take you to do it. With that being said, If you have been in the game, long enough, you know how to price anything to make money.

So yes, I have tested the stain to determine if my mix will work for the entire job; yes I have my chems in place. I was just checking with this group. Anyone with any connections in this industry can get information, so it is just not that serious for me. I have a vendor that I have used for many year and a working rapport with several others in the industry.

I was merely trying to get some idea of what others thought.

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Thanks all … I really appreciate your responses. @florida_condo_cleani @squidskc @gbattle

God bless each of you and much success in the future. I might see some of you at the conference later this month in ATL.


Your worry about the wrong thing in my opinion.
What chemicals did you use ?
How were the results?
How long did it take you to get the area clean that you tested?
How much was the chemical you used and how many square ft does one gallon cover. ? I’ve got about 10 more before I can even come up with a cost to do the job . Then figured out what it’s worth to you and add that on.

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Then wjy waste our time asking

I will follow up with all that information. Pre & post pics. I didn’t mean to get into all of that here right now. I just merely wanted to get some constructive feed back from the experts.

@florida_condo_cleani I will follow up with you on your questions after I am done.

All I can say is wow🙄

Nothing wrong with asking for constructive feedback. That’s not what you did however. You asked what the stain was, how much to charge and our location. I’ll help with pricing but only in private.

Awareness sir… purely awareness

There could be others with a similar true concern in the future and they could source this to review dialog about this topic.

Wow, guys !!! It is just not that serious. We are all here to learn and exchange information. I apologize if I misinterpreted the intentions of the page.