Commercial awnings. Quick money


How you charge for that 30 minute job?

As mentioned in the video, for awnings this bad I charge $85 for single door awnings and $120 for double doors. On longer awnings or less complicated awnings I price by the hour. But you may not be able to ask the same prices where you are, few reviews, no portfolio pictures for customers who request a quote, etc.


Doing my first commercial job this week has a couple small awnings why I asked. Building my portfolio.

In so glad to see that a little pressure is ok. I did my first earlier in the year with a soft bristle, SH and a garden hose, and had some ghosting after it dried. It looked great wet, but I think light psi will knock it out completely

When they get that bad, you have to set the expectation that because they’ve gotten that bad you can get them 90% clean, but there’s going to be a little ghosting they have to live with. Do your best to remove most of it, but don’t kill yourself trying to make them look like new when they let them get this bad.


I did some awnings on an apartment a few weeks ago that had a lot of Lichen/moss.

I sprayed with a 50/50 roof mix and left it.
They were going to replace them and Intold them to let me spray them and leave until the spring (snow melts) and see how they look.

Not sure if Lichen on fabric will be similar to asphalt shingles.

I have to drive down there next week and pay a water meter bill to that city so I’ll see how they are doing.

What if awnings could be cleaned like roofs? Spray and leave for a month. Knowing my luck they will still look like crap lol

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Disclaimer…I cleaned the buildings but did the awnings for free as an experiment


Leave it for a month ?

Like a roof or post treating concrete. You don’t rinse you let weather rinse it over time.

Oh ok thanks still new to all this

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I am still figuring things out too.:+1:

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Please keep us updated

I’ve found that you usually have to hit it twice at least since lichens grows on lichens. I think that’d be a tough experiment for me here even if it worked beautifully since I’d basically be saying pay and you’ll see results in a month.

Those 3 awnings took an hour and 15 with set up and the property owner was over the moon with how they turned out and I still earned $230/hour essentially on that job.


Have you by chance come across awnings with white trim like this? I have some to possibly clean. I did a test spot with 6% and nothing happened to the black. I tried scrubbing the white trim with dish soap and a brush then 6% and a brush. The dish soap didn’t do anything. The SH seemed to help a little and I’m wondering if it might just take a longer dwell time? Another thought is to clean the best I can then spray paint them black. Thoughts?

Watched your video and read a few posts here before tackling a rush awning job for a property I handle the windows on. I was a little hesitant as I hadn’t done them before but I think they came out great thanks to you squid! Appreciate the info you’ve put out for us to learn on.

Property manager was stoked with the results as the owner was going to be in town. There’s a bunch of other awnings on the property I think will come my way as a result.


Looks great!

Nice! Awnings are shockingly satisfying.

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Would a strong hw mix through a wfp then brushed be a good idea for similar awnings? Anyone tried it?

HW mix won’t do squat for awnings. You need at least 3% from my experience.