Commercial awnings. Quick money

I’ve cleaned a few successfully with hw mix but i had to apply twice and let dwell in between. But they weren’t too bad to start with. Regardless though i’m curious about if anyone used a wfp to apply water sh and surfactant to a surface at height?

Last year i quoted on a job i would have liked to get but you had to reach like 4.5 storeys up to clean a small area and you couldn’t get a lift in there, i couldn’t figure out how to do it. Now that i got a wfp i see opportunities for it all the time! Even used it to get our Christmas Lights off trees last week, sooo much better than aluminium poles that always bend and break.

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Did my first awning today. It was a small one, but it cleaned up pretty well for my first try. Housewash mix did a decent job for the bulk of the crud, but my pump up with 50/50 finished it up really quickly. Low pressure rinse.


What did you charge for a full house wash plus the awning? Looks like you got the mailbox cleaned up too, nice job :+1:

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Let’s just say I charged enough that I threw the roof wash in for free :smile:



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Be careful. You start giving out freebies and everyone will want some. Tell your customer to keep it on the down low and you’ll slide them a popsicle for their silence.

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So literally a “gag order” then lol


I have to say before and after pictures of awning cleaning jobs are something else! So satisfying to see. Not to mention you all have done a great job cleaning them to perfection. Keep up the good work :v: