Clothing Impervious to SH

After spending what has been to me thusfar a small fortune to find clothing impervious to bleach, I found Ben Hogan golf shorts (black, grey, not khaki) and Swiss Tech shirts that will absolutely NOT bleach out:

Clearing out the inventory for only $12 each!


No fat guy shirts available :disappointed_relieved:

I wear this

and dickies 100% poly


Where are you getting your dickies? I’ve seen them mentioned several times but can’t find the 100% poly dickies. I wear truspec tactical pants and they are holding up well. Saw some Magellan the other day that I want to try but they are nylon. Anyone know if nylon will hold up like the poly?

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I wear the Ben Hogan shorts…they are amazing.

I will look into the Swiss tech polo. I currently use Ben Hogan polos with our logo on them for our work shirts but they bleach out, at least the gray ones do…black ones not really.

Hmmmm. Maybe they have additional sizes in store.

how do these pants hold up on SH?

Very well. I’ve never got straight 12% on them directly but I’ve got hw and roof mix at about 5% and have not had any problems


I’ve got a couple of pair of black Ben Hogan golf shorts, never even dared get them around bleach. will try them out in next day or so.

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Gildan 50/50 Dryblend Graphite Heather

The black and gray Ben Hogan shorts that I bought at Walmart will not bleach. The Swiss Tech shirts will not bleach. I have yet to find any knit shirt that isn’t white that will stand up, and whites are always dirty after the first job of the day, and often difficult to clean.

I bought several dozen of the Swiss Tech, and hope to find long pants to wear in the Fall and winter.


Good intel, Harold, thanks. I’ve been trying to find light-weight work pants that don’t stain as easily with SH/bleach. I think i’ll pick a pair up and see how they work. How’s the fit on them? Do they run big? small?

True size imo. They are stiff until you wash them a few times.

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Giddy up. Thanks

magellen fishing shirts some are 100% polyester will not bleach out at all


Totally impervious - lots of colors too :slight_smile:

About $18.

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Find something that is 100% Polyester. Our shirts and caps are 100% and never bleach out unless you dunk them into undiluted bleach and let it dry.


I buy all of my company jackets and sweatshirts at the Northface outlet…I only buy the 100% poly…which is most of their stuff…then off to the embroidery shop they go😁


NOTHING ELSE HOLDS OUT! WOVEN, NOT KNIT. Tell you what: send me a shirt that’s knit that isn’t white. If I can’t “F” it up, I’ll send you a $100 bill AND order at least 10 shirts AND tell the community ALL about it.

I can’t order winning spirit shirts online